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Progesterone suppositories, itching, and sex

I have been on progesterone suppositories twice daily since my IUI on April 12, 2011. I got my BFP on April 25, 2011. Has anyone else had a yeast infection or painful vaginal itching while using suppositories? Do you have sex while using the suppositories?

Re: Progesterone suppositories, itching, and sex

  • I am on endometrin 2x day. I havent experienced anything except the nasty discharge. As far as sex goes, I would do it before you use your nightly suppository to lessen the mess
  • I have had no issues with it I also use Endometruim 2x a day. My nurse said sex was fine just make sure to wait to 2 hours to insert your meds.

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  • I'm also on endometrin 2x/day. I haven't had any itching or YI. We had sex once since our BFP and it actually burned and was painful. I blame the progesterone. It can make your lady bits more sensitive. I've heard of women getting YI after going on it before. Talk to your MD about it and see what they say.





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  • I have been on progesterone suppositories since 3w5d and am actually finishing up the last few over the weekend.  I haven't had any itching, but it is uncomforable and definitely not making me feel sexy.  DH and I have been avoiding intercourse while I've been using them and making each other happy in different ways if you get my drift.  I have to use them 2 x a day and there never seems to be a time when they're not leaking out.  Ugh.  Glad that they have gotten me this far, but will be more glad to leave them behind.
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  • I am also on progesterone twice daily. I haven't noticed any itching, only the gross feeling of the warm leakage...which seems to be a lot! Honestly, I've been so tired that sex has been the last thing on my mind, not to mention, my DH is weirded out by the "wax bullets" as we call them, and thinks they may do something to his male parts LOL!! 
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  • Ive been on Crinone (?) 4% gel twice a day for what seems like forever now. Ive been slightly irritated in that region ever since starting on it - but no YI. I just try to keep it as clean as possible down there (which seems like a losing battle most of the time). DH and I usually do our thing in the shower, I am a little paranoid about the progesterone gel getting on him, I figure if my body is supposed to absorb it - whats stopping it from being absorbed by him?. I just think it makes more sence for him to wash up immediately afterwards - just incase.

     Hopefully, once I finish this week I will be off of the gel for good. Good luck to you!

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