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When does bedtime get easier?

DD is in (yet another) a phase where bedtime is like the end of the world. She fights us over everything....she wants "one more book" (after we already read 3-4), screams when we get her sleep sack on, doesn't want to rock or go in her crib-putting her in there leads to a huge scream and meltdown. Tonight we started her bedtime routine around 745 and didn't get her in bed until 9....she dragged things out so bad. I'm sure it's a phase because she did this before, but when it happens every day for a week, it makes you want to rip your hair out!

Re: When does bedtime get easier?

  • Can you try setting a timer?  Once the timer goes off, kisses and good night.  Let that be the bad guy instead of you.  Kids catch on to rules quick.
  • I'm no help- I did the tough love thing and put L down - he had a meltdown the first night or two- but its been easy peasy since except for a couple teething/illness issues-

    I would let her cry and melt down- its so sucks and it breaks your heart but she knows you will struggle with her- let her know its no longer an option. 


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  • Might be time for a big kids bed and baby proof her room.  B has been in a big kids bed since last fall.
  • Once he went in a toddler bed & then once he got a twin he went to bed/sleep very easily!
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