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Pools/Outside Water Toys

What kind of pool do you have for your LO?

Does your LO enjoy playing in a sprinkler?


We have a simple plastic kiddie pool about 3ft across, and I just think its too small for DS. I'm worried about an inflatable popping/leaking. What is my best option? Would it be worth it to invest in a pool & a sprinkler?

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Re: Pools/Outside Water Toys

  • We have a big inflatable pool.  It's big enough for all of us to get in (not that we're swimming or anything).  It survived last summer without getting any holes or leaks.  But we usually only filled it up on the weekends and then drained it and put it away during the week.  Mainly so it wouldn't get icky and wouldn't kill the grass. 

    DS has a sprinkler too that he loves playing in. 


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  • We have two inflatable pools, one is bigger than the other and has like a canopy thing (that doesn't stay up well). I can fit into that one with DD. We also just use our sprinkler and she loves to run in it, we also have a water table outside and she even climbs and sits in it sometimes (or did last summer when she wasn't so big).



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  • We have a small inflatable one that only he can get in.  We're upgrading to something bigger with more "stuff" on it for him to play with.  I don't think he's ever played in a sprinkler.
  • We just have one of those small hard plastic pools. Maddie loves playing in it! Last year she was not a fan of the sprinkler, but I am going to try again this year. She can be kind of prissy though, lol. For us, the little pool is enough. We will go to the pool/baby pool/splash ground a lot once it opens though!
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