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In SIL's wedding this Saturday + BFing = ????

Hey gals,

     I am a bridesmaid in SIL's wedding on Saturday (yes, I have to be in a BM dress 3 wks. postpartum... happy happy joy!) Tongue Tied I am EBFing Olivia, and I am worried about what to do about feeding her on Saturday. My mom is coming to the wedding to watch her during the ceremony/pics, etc. but I feel as if I should pump a couple bottles in case DD wants to eat and I'm not available right away.

      Olivia is 3 wks. old. Is it too early to offer her a bottle? I don't want her to become nipple confused. Any advice? I called the lactation consultants at the hospital where I delivered, and I am waiting on a call back, but thought I'd ask here first. Wink Thanks!!


Re: In SIL's wedding this Saturday + BFing = ????

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    It all depends on the baby, mine I waited until they were 3 months and they never took to the bottle.  If you feel she has a good latch and no other BF worries I don't think it will hurt for an odd bottle.
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    If BFing is going well and she's latching fine, I don't see a problem introducing a bottle.  We started with bottles when DD was 6 days old and she always switched between bottle and breast with no problems.  I would definitely introduce the bottle prior to the wedding so you can make sure the transition goes smoothly.
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    We introduced bottles within a few days of birth and pacis within 3 weeks and neither of my children have had any nipple confusion issues. 
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    This is probably your golden opportunity to introduce a bottle.  If you want her to take them in the future, it's probably best to start introducing it now anyway.  I waited too long to introduce one to Tyler and he refused them, and I was never able to leave him for more than a couple hours at a time.

    I would definitely try out a bottle with her before Saturday, though -- if she hates it, you wouldn't want to find out then.  :(

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    I agree about trying the bottle.  If you wait too long, she may never take one.  It seems as if BFing is going well and she probably won't have confusion. 
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    I was so worried about nipple confusion with Brady that I waited until a few days before I went back to work (at 9 weeks), and we had  heck of a time getting him to take a bottle.  It ended up being very stressful for me, since obviously he had to take one when I was at work.

    Avery had to take a bottle for her first two weeks since she couldn't nurse yet, and she never had any issue with nursing.  I know it can happen, but like others said, if you've had no issues til now, I think you'll be okay. I agree that you might want to give it a test run beforehand, though, because if she's starving and frustrated on Saturday it might make it harder for her to take a bottle for the first time.

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    I don't have any advice for you as BFing went horribly with C and I am just praying it goes well with this little girl.  I am really glad you asked this question though - I'm the MOH in my little sister's wedding 6 weeks after my due date and her bachelorette party is 3 weeks after. 

    We are really going to have to GTG!  I want to hear all about Southview and now I need to know what to expect with being in a wedding and having a newborn!  :)  I hope you all have a blast at the wedding though!

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    I was in a wedding recently when I was 5 weeks pp.  I introduced the bottle to LO at 2 weeks.  I gave DH 3 bottles since I was gone the whole day (MOH as well) and ended up having to nurse him during the reception.  All was good other than the fact my boobs kept growing during the day/night until I was able to nurse him.  I nursed him at  around noon before I had to get dressed, and then not until 9pm so I missed those feedings in between.  LO did very well with it all.  GL!

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