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Have you ever taken your LO to a wedding?

We are taking Holly to a wedding this weekend. I'm really nervous about it. I'm afraid she'll be loud, or otherwise disrupt the ceremony somehow!

I wondered if anyone had any ideas for keeping her quiet and entertained. I plan to talk about it with her beforehand (she has no idea what a wedding is), etc, and tell her how we all have to be very quiet for the pretty bride, blah blah blah... I really think she'll listen, and will be intrigued once we're there.

But once the novelty wears off, I'm not so sure how she'll behave. We plan to sit at the back, as near as possible to an exit, just in case. Any ideas of any in-case-of-emergency things I can keep in my purse that will keep her quiet? 


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Re: Have you ever taken your LO to a wedding?

  • lollipops?

    We took DS to a wedding when he was 2 months old. No one we know has gotten married since then. I think you are planning correctly. Just sit near the back and hope for the best and be prepared to make a quick exit if she gets loud. Have fun! I am sure she will be enthralled with the bride!

  • I have not, but I would bring stickers, crayons and a notepad if it were me. 

    Those things keep him entertained quietly for a little while so I always take them if I feel like we might need entertainment at some point.  Our pedi laughs at me because I have level 1, level 2 and level 3 entertainment with me every time I come in :)

    My sweet boy :)
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  • yes, but when he was younger (2 months, 10 months, 12 months that i can remember). i wouldn't try it now lol

    i'm sure holly's less active than henry (hopefully?), so she'll prob be ok, but nowadays, i'd either leave henry home or skip the ceremony.

    i guess he did sit semi-quietly during my white coat ceremony for almost an hour... food helps, snacks that she never gets and special treats!

  • No Stick out tongue

    DS isn't entertained by things like coloring, stickers, etc.  So we don't take him anywhere that he has to remain quiet for more than 5 minutes.  It's SO distracting, not only to the people around us, but me too. 


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  • imagemrsmikey:
    DS isn't entertained by things like coloring, stickers, etc.  So we don't take him anywhere that he has to remain quiet for more than 5 minutes.  It's SO distracting, not only to the people around us, but me too. 

    same... but it's been recent that he's been so disruptive, plus holly's a girl, so maybe she can sit still longer than our antsy boys?

  • Wedding receptions - yes. Ceremonies - NO! DH sat in the car with J while he watched the DVD/napped (it was an out of state wedding). He would so not be quiet for something like that, but maybe it's a boy thing.
  • Ds has been to a few weddings...the most recent was my sisters in September when he was the ring bearer. I think it helps that it was at our church and when we go to church he's used to sitting for an hourr or more while the ceremony was 30 minutes max as it wasn't a full mass. He sat with my parents and SIL as My DH and I were in the wedding but He had snacks, books, coloring books, etc. Just bring some special things to keep her quiet and distracted!! And food always helps! :)

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  • I don't think I could risk taking her into the ceremony.  That'd be too stressful no matter how many activities/snacks we had packed.  I would think 1 of us would sit in the car or outside with her or even in the church nursery (if that was an option) until the reception.  But I do think the lollipop idea is good, but R would finish hers quickly and yell "More, more" b/f I would have a chance to occupy her again!

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  • Ok. Now I'm scared. hehe... Maybe we should rethink this! Surprise

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  • only you can know if Holly will behave at the wedding...is it going to be a long ceremony? Jack is not very good at sitting still for long periods but he's gotten better and lil things to distract/keep him quiet help.
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  • Yes we have taken Ashley before Peyton was born and we took both of them to a wedding in March. I think the ceremony was only 15 minutes and it was outside, so I was not too concerned with them making noise. But I did bust out the puffs for Peyton and of course, Ashley wanted some too, so that kept them both entertained :) I am sure she will do great!
  • Not since she was a baby, and I was in the wedding so my mom held her in the balcony. I think Maddie would do ok- I would bring a couple of her stuffed animals to play with, maybe a coloring pad and some markers, and some crazy good snacks- like candy or something, lol. Maybe a sucker?

    I think you'll be fine if you sit near the back on the aisle and just leave if she gets loud. For me, it's not so much a toddler making noise that is obnoxious, as a toddler making noise and the parents just ignoring it. 

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  • lots o' toys and snacks. Katie's been to church [and Feisty's wedding] several times.

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