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Political Phone Calls - vent

No I won't vote for you dumb a***  I don't live in the jurisdiction that you are running in.  Stop calling! 

I received 13 automated calls yesterday regarding who I should vote for in the Denver Mayor race. Yes you got that right 13 calls.  Oh and 12 of them were between 7:15 and 8:56pm.  We don't live in the city or county of Denver, and like I said all of the calls are automated so there is no way to tell someone that I can't vote for any of the candidates.

Thankfully none of the calls woke up R but I swear I wish I could get on a do not call registry for political calls.

Harrumph! vent over



Re: Political Phone Calls - vent

  • Great use of "harrumph!"  It's such an underrated word! ;)
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    Suck!  I love the opinion polls but automated calls are annoying.
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  • I agree.  They are a PITA.

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