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Can we do this again?

Taking a page from smbsantacruz's book:

Any successes in family blending lately?  Happy stories, silly stories...etc...?  I need some happy in my life.

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Re: Can we do this again?

  • I'm game...

    Seems things with BM and I are going pretty well.  I never know how to take her and we're really getting along-IMO-although being BFFs isn't in our immediate future.  :)  But I'm very glad for the present relationship with her!

    Silly story-SS introduced us to a friend the other day and said I was DH's fiancee.  I said-um, you WERE at the wedding over 2 yrs ago, right?... I think he got confused, though, but that's fine.



  • Sure, BM finally got rid of her douchebag boyfriend.  Now we are on pretty good terms with her.  I actually invited her to spend Easter with us and our family out at the beach.  She came and we all had a really good time.  I am really glad that for the first time in over a year, SS got to see us hanging out together and getting along.  He had a blast and didn't feel like he had to choose sides.  It was a really great time, now just hoping they don't get back together and ruin the progress we have made :)
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  • Umm.... other than BM and H coming to an agreement on what school SS will attend, not much. BUT that in itself is a huge victory in blending with them! They can almost never agree on anything. SS is now registered for Kindergarten, and he's super excited.

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  • I was taking SS to school this morning and on the news they were talking about "Take Your Child to Work Day" being today and he said "Yay, I get to go to work with you!" I teased that he couldn't go with me but he I'd let him to go work with his mom (she's a teacher at his school).

    Which got me thinking, I don't think I can take him to work with me (privacy laws and all) but maybe that would be something fun DH could do with him next year!

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  • Yay! I'll play!

    BM called DH and said that since we don't get to see DSS as much since we moved out of state, she wants us to have him for the whole summer (we usually get about 5 or 6 weeks).

    His recent visit for Spring Break was SO GOOD! Aside from the nightmare of his school project (that took four flippin days!), he worked outside with DH without complaining or shirking (that's definitely new), and we didn't see the end-of-week manners meltdown that we typically see. I was really proud of him when I took him to a library sale and then grocery shopping at the end of the week. He started to grumble and complain and generally cop an attitude, but pulled himself right out of it. I love it when he rallies!

  • Yay!  Makes me smile to hear that not everything is doom and gloom.  Gives me hope too.  We've had a rough week.

    Thanks for sharing, ladies.  Keep em coming!

    Mama of 2: one who grew in my womb, both who grow in my heart.
  • We've been kind of busy surviving deadly tornadoes down here but I still have one from Easter!  I helped SO with all the baskets from the Easter bunny and then gave a basket from me with stuff for all 3 of them in it.  They were out of town for the holiday but I got a phone call from all 3 of them on the way back thanking me and telling me how much they loved it all!  Yay me!
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