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I want to let you know that in no way do I consider 35 old!  I fear I may have offended and that was far from my intention.

I feel old, simply because I feel that I'm being told (by various sources) that I am past the point of being able to have children.  Having TTC for so many years now, considering stopping, and the idea that the "baby making" phase of my life will soon be over is what makes me feel old.  I know there are plenty of women in their 40s TTC and I think that's wonderful.  I wish I felt that door was open to me.  I've actually been lurking over on TTC Over 35, hoping it won't be too cheesy to introduce myself on my 35th birthday. =-)

So really, it's just a personal thing, based on my Mother's experience.  I know the chances are slim, very slim, that I'd go through what she went through, but I am afraid. (I'm going to post on that in a minute)

Please do not think I feel you or any of us are too old to TTC - I don't think that at all, its just the feeling I have for myself because of so much difficulty and disappointment.  Please forgive me if I offended you in any way!


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Re: ChoirGirl

  • Hi Dear,

    No, you haven't offended me at all! (and the shortness of this reply is only because I'm in meetings all day and only have a 5 minute break).

    I think as an older mom, I just feel bad for relative youngsters who think it all has to be over by 35 when it doesn't have to be, and I feel an obligation to speak up for the ama mommies out there. When I had DS at 38, I wasn't even considered high risk, at all, because my OB and midwives are used to over 40 year old moms coming through regularly.  I just hate when people dismiss it out of hand as I don't feel decrepit just yet (most days). Yet, no one owes me an explanation, either, so it's not like you had to justify yourself to me, you have to go with your heart and your gut, and don't owe anyone a reason.

    That said, you do have a powerful reason reason. That said, I'm still not gonna be the one throwing you a "Jenna's all done" party, because I really hope for you and your family that you get the second child you so want.

    Hope that helps, I'm not upset with you at all. 

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