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Swim Lessons in Buffalo

I'm looking at getting Jordan into swim lessons. We live in South Buffalo. I know that the Y does them but I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere else?

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Re: Swim Lessons in Buffalo

  • Not sure how it works in the city, but a lot of towns do them through the recreation departments. Especially in the summer. I know our town (East Aurora), and probably most others have rates for non-residents too.

    I will say though, I have been WAY happier with the Y swim lessons than I was with the town ones. There are less kids so the instructor can work with the kids a lot more, and I just like the style of them better. 

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  • We did lessons at Summit Fitness Center almost to Niagara Falls.  To far for you, but there might be a local gym with a pool that does kids lessons.  There was a fee for gym member's kids and for non-member's kids.  (I'm a non-member.)

    I actually picked up the family fun free magazine at my library and the lessons were listed in one of the ads. 

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  • The Town of West Seneca offers a class through community education.  


    It's open to non-residents too.  We took DD last year, and while she hated the water - it was a great program. 

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