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hi everyone... my husband and I will be ttc in 6 days but I know I'm going to have to deliver at naval medical center portsmouth come the end of the pregnancy. Has anyone had to deal with them for ob/delivery before? I'm really nervous...I truly don't want a hospital birth but being active duty it's all I'm allowed to have.

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  • I had my daughter there last year and I didn't have any issues/problems at all.

    Why are you nervous about having a baby at the hospital?


    That is the link to the hospital if you scroll down to the bottom and click on the stork it will give you tons of information on the maternity ward.

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  • A couple of friends have had their babies there recently and had no issues.  They haven't had great luck with pediatricians through Tricare Prime though (I have Standard and we love our non-military pedi).


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  • I will be delivering at Langley and have heard much better things about the care at Portsmouth. I wish I could go there. I had a great experience with the pediatric cardiology clinic there.
  • I don't have personal experience delivering there, and I'm on Tricare Standard, so we'll be delivering at a civilian hospital in the area.  I knew a few people who delivered there, and none had really bad experiences, but they all said that they felt like they were discharged too soon, and weren't given enough help with breastfeeding.  My husband refused to have the baby there after he had to go to the ER there last year, and was disgusted with the cleanliness, and level of care he received.  That's why I ended up going on Standard.  But like I said, we have no experience with the maternity ward, so his bad experience might not be relevant.
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  • My experience there was 3 years ago, i didnt enjoy it, BUT i was not informed that i could have a birth plan, and i didnt know that i could request a different nurse (mine was a B!tch). 

    Knowing what i know now, i would recommend that ALL mothers have a birth plan no matter where they plan on delivering, and be an advocate for yourself. Don't the Dr's or nurses highjack your delivery. PNMC is not a bad place, the staff there is really nice. Just be sure to go in with all YOUR ducks in a row.



  • I delivered my daughter there two years ago and had a great experience.  Everyone was really nice and my room was great.  I had some complications and they took care of them right away and looked after me really good after everything happened.  My mom said it was the cleanest hospital she had ever been too.
  • I didn't deliver there but was present for my friends delivery. Everyone was great and she didn't have any issues. She was high risk so she had all if her appointments there. I agree with PP about going on Standard though for a pediatrician. We go to a CHKD clinic and love it.
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  • You don't necessarily have to switch to Standard to use a civilian pediatrician.  The kids are on Prime (I'm not because I chose to deliver at the Midwifery Center at DePaul to avoid Langley and the Naval Hospital) and I petitioned to have them seen by a civilian doctor.  I can't recall the name of the office (Patient Advocates or something like that....NOT the Tricare office although they can tell you who to see).  I came armed with a memo from my husband (but in your case you'd sign it) explaining why I wanted my children to be seen by an in-network provider.  It was approved on the spot. 
  • With DD1, I had a wonderful experience at NMCP.  I had DD2 there, as well, and it was AWFUL.  The doctors and nurses that I dealt with the second time were total morons.  They started pencillin in my IV, which I'm allergic.  The anesthesiologist completely screwed up my epidural.  Then they didn't believe me that I could feel everything.  I told the nurses I felt a lot of pressure (which equals needing to push).  I had to beg them to get a doctor, who gave me a lecture on the importance of being 10 cm before pushing (before she even bothered to check me).  Finally, a smart nurse popped in the room and reminded these idiots that this was my second baby and that they should get their acts together.  DD2 popped out 30 seconds later in 3 pushes.  The people in the recovery area weren't much better. 

    I'm obviously still bitter about the whole experience.  DD1 is proof that there are wonderful doctors and nurses that work at NMCP, but after the terrible time I had with DD2, I will never have another baby at a MTF.

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