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A mommy moment awwww...

We all have those days that you just want to pull your hair out.  I was having one of those days at work.  I left late to go get my little man and was really just frustrated that I had to pick him because H was busy picking up others, and I was just getting worse and worse as I drove.  I walked into daycare to pick up Kolby. I could see him sitting across the room playing.  He was on the other side of low book shelf that had toys on it playing.  You could see through the book shelf and I could see the back of his head. The lady met me at the counter and as I started talking he heard my voice and looked up and gave the biggest smile.  Then he trucked it, crawling, right to me.  I squatted down for him to come to me. All the time just smiling and babbling about who knows what all the way to me.  He got to my knees put his hands on them and pulled up.  It was the cutest thing ever and melted my heart.  The worries went away and the day seem to fade.  It was my light for the day.  Big Smile

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  • Awe, that is awesome! I am so glad your little man was able to take all of the stress of the day away. I love those moments!

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  • Love it. When I pick up DD from MDO or anywhere, she digs her head in my neck while giggling. She's so excited to see me it makes my day.

    Don't you feel like you could take on the world after that? I always think there is NOTHING I can't do with love of my child. She makes me feel so invincible. 

  • aw, what a great moment  :)   yesterday i was at work for a few hours in the afternoon and, when i came home, dh and dd were sitting on the sofa.  she heard my voice, turned to me, and just lost it she was so excited -- clapping, bouncing, grinning, talking.   and it didn't stop; i thought maybe it would last a few seconds, but she kept going!  totally made my entire year. 

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  • Those moments are the best!  
  • LOVE those moments!
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