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Is anyone stationed at (or recently left) Hickam? We're PCSing there at the beginning of June and I was wondering about what housing on base is like and what anyone thought about Tripler, more specifically their L&D/Women's Health sections. I'll be just about 31 weeks pregnant when we get there and switching providers that late is making me nervous!
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Re: Hickam?

  • When we were stationed in Hawaii I was pregnant and saw the midwifes at Tripler. That pregnancy ended in a m/c so I didn't get to experience all of it, but I LOVED the midwifes. They were way better than the ones I've encountered at Womack. There was one doctor doing the rounds in OBGYN that did the u/s that discovered the m/c and she was horrible and incredibly insensitive (I'm sorry I don't remember any names), but the second opinion I got from the male doctor in the actual radiology department was amazing and very comforting.
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  • My husband isn't stationed at Hickam, he's in the Navy so I don't know about there housing.  But I am currently going to Tripler I'm 23 weeks and everyone there is really nice.  I'm actually seeing the same doctor every time I go which didn't happen at the other military hospital I went to.  So that's nice my only thing is the doctor i'm seeing wont be delivering my baby and I wont know who is until i'm delivering.  But other then that I'm having a pretty good experience so far.
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  • Thanks, ladies! We're currently at Langley AFB & I'm able to see the same midwife for all of my appointments but I also wouldn't know who would deliver my LO. So no big change there! :)
    I can't wait to get to Hawaii!!
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  • Oh I had my first at Portsmith.  And I never saw the same doctor which was really annoying.  But it's really nice being able to see the same doctor now.  I've lived here in Hawaii for about a year and a half now.  It's nice here if you like the sun all the time and going to the beach. 
  • I had my son at Tripler and L&D and the Mother baby unit was really great there were a couple of nurses that I didnt care for but you can find that anywhere. I see different providers every appointment but only because I want to. 

    L&D rooms are all private(duh) and the MBU rooms are private as well unless they have an overflow. 

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