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swimsuit shopping

It's that time again.  Ummm, yay?  

I have found a couple of cute suits but I need help.  I am in love with the Seaside mini swimmini from land's end.  However, I have no clue what top I should buy with it.  They have the red and brown in my size.  I would really like a bra type top, not the tankini.  If you have bought from Land's end before, do the colors for all their swimsuit lines match or do they clash?  

Also, does anyone have a working code/coupon for j.crew.  I found a swimsuit there.  I will need a discount though before I am really committed.  

Ooh, one more thing... does anyone have an Athena swimsuit?  Do you like it and does it run true to size?

Thanks ladies! 



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Re: swimsuit shopping

  • Oh...I am dreading this...  Can't I just wear my maternity suit from last summer again this year?  The skimpy bikinis of previous summers somehow no longer feel appropriate...
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  • I know that their suits within a collection (i.e. Seaside or Beach Living) coordinate, but I'm not sure if they match across collections. I would either call, or use the online chat they have on their website that lets you IM with a customer service rep. They are very knowledgeable about those things.

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