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Does HT take Target coupons?

Re: Does HT take Target coupons?

  • I had a lady in line behind me ask the same question the other day.  The manager told her that they only take the coupons that state "($QTY) off your purchase", which target doesn't supply. 

    I swear I've used Kroger and Food Lion catalina coupons at HT before, so I don't see why they wouldn't take Target if that's the case.  

    To be safe, I'd call your local store.  What I've learned is that each individual store is different!

  • Catalinas, yes (the register print off ones). Target or other store specific, non-manufacturer coupons, no.

    ETA: Also, I'm pretty sure Catalinas don't double (correct me if I'm wrong). But a general rule for doubling is if the bar code number starts with a 5, it should double.

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  • They will as long as they clearly say, "manufacturer coupon" (not "Target Coupon") and I've found that they won't double them (Wakefield HT).
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  • The only catalinas that they take are the ones that state "manufacturer coupon."


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