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Why I'm terrified of storms

So if we are FB friends you probably know that I'm terrified of storms.  I'm sure that in the 7-years we've been in our house and have had 5 trees fall (one on the car and one missing our house by inches....both our neighbor's trees) doesn't help.

But I had to really think about what started it.  I think I know.

When I was 10-years old, we lived in Denver.  Both of my grandmothers flew in for a week to watch me and my brother.  My parents had left for the airport about two hours before all hell broke loose.  My sweet grandmother took my 6-year old brother for a walk and since we just moved into the neighborhood, they got lost.  Storms in Colorado come up REALLY fast.  You don't see them beforehand because they are on the other side of the mountains.  A huge storm came.  I hopped on my Huffy and searched for them.  Found them all home safe.  Then the news says a tornado hit the airport ...the airport where my parents were.  Yikes!  (They were all okay though...but before cell phones and power was out).  And then the sirens went off where we were.  My grandmothers had no idea what to do.  I made everyone go to the basement.  It was really scary because you could hear everything but there were no windows and you couldn't see what was happening.  But a tornado tore off our roof.  

So this is where it stems from.  Maybe I need weather therapy.

 Stay safe everyone!

Re: Why I'm terrified of storms

  • i have a great aunt like this. she was caught in one when she was little. she's 96 and always had to have someone with her during storms. we're from new orleans and i always stayed with her during hurricanes. she lives in a building now so she's cool.
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  • ok, THAT is scary!  And traumatizing!  I totally get why you are terrified!!!  Hang in there girl.  Today/tonight might be long for you.
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  • I am petrified of tornados. I NEVER experienced tornado prep or warnings or anything growing up in NJ just outside of NYC. We simply didn't have weather like this. When I was 20 some odd weeks pg with Colin We had a tornado watch/warning. We were watching the news and they were talking about all of the major roads surrounding my house. Then it got BLACK and LOUD. I was absolutely petrified, hysterical crying in the closet, thinking I'd never meet my baby. It was HORRIBLE b/c I had never experienced it + pregnancy hormones. So I feel you on being afraid of weather. Stay safe! 
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  • Gosh, that is scary. I kind of love them if I can be inside and go no where but, when they get really bad I freak too. We have no basement so I always get nervous when they talk about tornados. We have no where to go, In a closet just doesn't seem safe enough. 
  • Scary!  I've always been used to awful storms - growing up in central Florida we always had tornadoes.  But now as a mom?  Completely freaked out.

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  • Being from Illinois, I have been in my fair share of tornados. My dad and I used to stand in the driveway and watch them come across the fields before we would go to the basement. My house got pretty destroyed when I was in high school from a tornado that basically snuck up in the middle of the night and the sirens didnt go off in time. When I moved here, I lived in Dunwoody when the tornado of 97 or 98 hit and that scared me since I lived alone on the top floor of an apartment complex. Now that I have kids and dogs I have a different fear of tornados. We live in a house with 80-100 ft trees surrounding it. In Sept 2009 we had 3 80ft trees fall, but none hit the house. The big storm that came through 2 weeks ago took down 4 more huge trees and 2 of them missed our house by less than 3 feet. The trees scare me now. Getting the kids and the dogs to the basement scares me. I think my fear has evolved from being responsible for someone other than myself. DH is traveling and I am seriously considering just sleeping in the basement tonight with the kids and dogs. Our basement is really just like another finished level of our house so I might just take the kids tent down there and pretend to camp in their tent. It is so strange that there is still a part of me that wants to stay upstairs and watch it all unfold, but that isnt an option anymore.
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  • We used to love Hurricanes in Bermuda. We would be at the beach right before it hit. We never had any deaths from Hurricanes until Hurricane Fabian hit Bermuda in 2003. And those deaths were because some people decided to cross a very narrow low bridge to get to the main island. Our houses are built out of cement block and limestone. They have been named to be the safest houses to be in during hurricanes. So I used to take storms for granted.

    Until I moved here. It even rains harder here. Never thought that was possible and thought I was a looney to think that until my father agreed. The lightening is even fiercer then I have ever seen. And so constant! It is very frightening for me because I never had any of that growing up. Sirens?? Really?? Those things scare the beegeebees out of me. I still think I don't take proper precaution when it storms here because of how I grew up. When I hear the sirens I go outside to look! Typical Bermudian. WTH?? I guess I need to be more prepared. Especially since it seems this spring is starting with a bang of storms.

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  • I grew up in South Florida.  Land of the hurricanes.  I got so used to them, they don't scare me anymore.  I remember one coming through back in 98 when I had moved back home with my parents and by the time I got back home, my mom was drinking as she was getting the house ready and I did the same thing.  :-)  That was the night of the tipsy hurricane.  Hah!

    Now though, the tornadoes?  Freak.Me.Out.  We have trees all around our house, some very close to the house itself.  Lightning hit our garage a few weeks ago and took out our Uverse box, the circuit board on my side of the garage and something else.  I'm terrified of something happening and not having time to get the kids, the dogs and the cat to safety.  I also really do need to get a safe deposit box and/or a fireproof safe.  We have too many things around the house that are important to not have them locked up somewhere.  

    Stay safe everyone!

  • So scary.  After experiencing that, you have every right to be weary of storms.
  • Wow.  That is understandable.  I'm scared of storms too.  One skipped our house when I was a kid and hit the surrounding houses.  It was freaky.
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