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Basal Body Temps when Conception is Successful...

I've of course been charting my bbts for months now and was just wondering if any of you still saw or know if I will still see a slight dip in the luteal phase when a successful implantation occurs?  At around 7 days after I ovulated I saw a decline  a little below 98.0 for a couple days then today it went back up past 98.0.  Does this mean I am mostly likely not preg or am I overanalyzing? I was comparing last month's chart and it did the same thing with the dip in temperatur, so I took that to be discouraging news.  Anyway, I am interested in feedback regarding how your chart differered the month you conceived from the others.  I seriously think if I am not preggo this month I going to go insane.  SERIOUSLY -  THE WAITING GAME IS KILLING ME!!!!  Ugh, testing tomorrow as it will be 10 past ovulation - using the 6 day early test...   thanks for your input :)

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Re: Basal Body Temps when Conception is Successful...

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    You might try posting this on the Trying to get pregnant board, you may get more responses there. Women on this board took fertility meds to get pregnant, which screws with your BBT. I know in my case, I stopped temping a long time ago because my RE controls my cycles and there really wasn't a reason to temp. I knew exactly when I ovulated.

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    Agree with the pp.  I haven't temped in years. 

    When I did temp for my DD, I never saw an implantation dip.  I found that you def. can over-analyze temps.  You really need many months of data and consistent temping to be accurate.  Also, 10 dpo is really early.  Don't be discouraged yet.   

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    Ditto, I haven't temped in quite awhile.  TTGP would probably be a better place to ask this.  Good luck!
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    I would say invest in a fertility monitor. The problem with tempting is you don't know for sure you ovulated until about 2 or 3 days after it happens when you can see a clear temp dip and rise.

    A fertility monitor will tell you when your body is getting ready to ovulate and tell you what days are your peak days, in other words days to get busy with your DH.

    Good luck

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