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Had an early ultrasound today

Well, the baby is not in a tube, so that is great news!  We saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac, and they said that was perfectly normal.  I was measuring smaller than 5 weeks 5 days, so she decided to go by my O date, which puts me due on Dec 24.  I go back next Tuesday, and she said we might see the heartbeat by then.  I then have to decide if I want to be released to my OB then (RE said she would release me after we see hb) or she said I could wait until 8 weeks. ETA:  My doctor also said I have a cyst on my left ovary.  She acted like it was no biggie.  Anyone else have a cyst during pregnancy? 
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Re: Had an early ultrasound today

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    jb2rnjb2rn member

    aha! I wondered if you had a cyst, I think several of us guessed that last week.

    I had moderate pain on my left lower side and asked my RE at the first u/s. He measured an approx 2cm cyst on my left ovary. He was not concerned. The pain went away around week 6. My OB looked at it last week and it's shrinking.

    I am glad all is well!

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    Great news!  I wondered if it could have been a cyst that was causing that pain for you.  Totally normal, I had one or two leftover for awhile.  :)
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    Yay for good news! Congrats! I had some cysts that started out pretty big at the beginning of my pregnancy, but have shrunk and haven't been at all of a problem. I think it's very common.
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    It's likely a corpus luteum cyst-you have those in early pregnancy.
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    Congrats on a great u/s!  Sorry about the cyst though :(
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    c&n06c&n06 member
    So glad it went well! Congrats!
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    That is great news!  Congrats!
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    MrsVoMrsVo member
    Yay for a good ultrasound!!  Sorry about the cyst - hope it shrinks quickly!

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    That is wonderful news!

    I have a few on my right ovary. I do have PCOS though- but since becoming KU I don't have any on my left and just a few on my right.

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