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Wrist doctor???

Does anyone have a recommendation for an orthopedist specializing in the wrist/hand? Who is good? Who is horrible? Anything???TIA!!!
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Re: Wrist doctor???

  • Dr. Lee 2127373301

    He's affiliated with Lenox Hill . He did my elbow surgery years ago and did a great job.  Go right to him!

  • Robert Pae, M.D.
    170 William Street, 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10038

    i broke my arm when i was 8 months pregnant and he was really great about not pushing for surgery.  after i had the baby, it had pretty much healed on his own and he told me that from looking at the x-rays, he would normally recommend surgery, but seeing me in person and seeing my range of motion, that he didn't really think i needed it.  i like that he didn't try to push something on me that would have given me a ton of physical therapy and follow-up appointments.  he had a really great bedside manner.  i'm also a court stenographer so all of this was really important to me.  he specializes in hand and wrist too.


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  • Dr. Steven Beldner 


    my hubby went to him a couple of years ago for a broken radius.  He loved him. Very nice practice and very nice doctor.  I highly recommend him! 

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