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Pest Control w/ a 3 Month Old

Hi Ladies!  I'm a first time mom and need some advice...

I have a 3 month old and recently found a scorpion in our home.  I would like to have an exterminator come out and spray our entire house, but after doing research on the products, I'm a little nervouse.

Can you offer any advice, tips or company recommendations???

Thanks so much :)

Re: Pest Control w/ a 3 Month Old

  • We use Northwest Exterminating because they offer a green program. We have dogs, cats AND a toddler and didn't need chemicals in the house. I thought they were pretty reasonable and it's worked well for us.
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  • Yep - there are a lot of companies that a eco-friendly now. 

    We use Allgood and like them a lot.

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  • We use Northwest too and love their green spray that is safe for children and pets. If you use them, make sure you mention in speficically when you call and also verify with the exterminator when they come to spray.  The reason I say that is last month when they came it was a new guy and he was about to spray the standard stuff until I specifically asked if it was the green product. It was not, so he went back out to his truck and got it for us.
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  • we too use a green spray called clove oil.  Our guy is based in Decatur.
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    We use Peachtree Pest Control--they also have green products.
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  • I work for a pest control company - not gonna say which one.  I am not an exterminator myself - I'm in HR.  That being said, I know a thing or two about this.

    I would be VERY wary of so-called "green" products.  Lots of companies can call themselves "green" but it doesn't necessarily mean anything.  The pest control industry has some internal standards for what is considered environmentally friendly.  Even a so called "green" product, when applied incorrectly, could be a hazard.

    You don't need your entire house sprayed.  Even with a so-called "green" product.  A properly trained and licensed operator will NOT come in and spray down your house.  (If anyone still has someone come in old school and spray their baseboards, I recommend making a switch)  They should use the correct product, and apply it correctly, to keep your home protected.  A more targeted approach is appropriate and most responsible.  You need a treatment that works -- and it needs to be applied responsibly.  You also need to know your service professional is properly licensed and knows the rules about what services are appropriate around children. 

    Most of the products applied at my own home are applied outside the home around the perimeter.  That's where the pests are coming from!  So treating the area before they come in is key.  We have many customers who opt for exterior only service.   

    What to look for?  The industry equivalent of a "good housekeeping seal" is called "QualityPro".  QualityPro companies have to be committed to integrated pest management, which is the responsible application of products I mentioned.  Also, the service professionals are background checked -- you might be surprised how many companies DON'T run background checks on the people in your home!  I believe that at least one of the companies already mentioned in this thread is a QualityPro company.  

    PM me if you want info on our company -- I don't think it's appropriate for me to post here! 

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