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washcloths & hooded towels

Anyone have suggestions on good quality wash cloths and hooded towels?  Many of the baby washcloths I have seen are so small and thin. 

Also, has anyone ever seen a large cloth that lays overtop of baby while in the bathtub to keep them warm?  Its almost like a big washcloth.  I saw it once before but can't remember where I saw it.


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Re: washcloths & hooded towels

  • I believe I seen it one time at kohls. There for a frog one and maybe a duck and its specifically to lay on the baby during the bath.
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  • Love our baby washcloths, they have even come in handy during teething and they are small enough to stick in the diaper bag. We have the big frog washcloth and it as great for the first few months to keep LO warm in the tub but you could just use a regular washcloth. Hooded towels were a waste of money IMO. They were too small to use pAst the newborn stage. Buy regular towels and sew hoods on those.
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  • Honestly, I think the small and thin ones work best.  We have tons of them (probably Gerber, don't remember) and they hold up just fine.  Ours are 16ish months old and still going strong...they aren't even getting threadbare.  

    My favorite hooded towel is made by CoziBug.  They are very expensive though.  These are double layer with regular fabric back and terry inside, and they are big enough for toddler use.  Anything similar to that would be my choice.  

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  • we use bumpkins brand organic burp clothes.  they're towel-like and the perfect size!
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  • Here's a related question....how many towels do I need? We already have 6 and someone gave me 2 more which I'm contemplating returning. What do you think?

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  • We bought the large washcloth for covering baby in the tub.  We got a turtle one from Target....they had another animal, too, but I can't remember now what it was!

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  • imagecyprissa:
    Here's a related question....how many towels do I need? We already have 6 and someone gave me 2 more which I'm contemplating returning. What do you think?

    You have more than enough towels as long as you do laundry on a regular basis. We only bath our little one every other day to protect his skin. We use our washcloths for lots of things (especially good for little boy diaper changes) so I recommend getting a good stack of those. 

  • The animal towel cover-ups are sold at BBB and BRU. As far as towels go we have the Swaddlebee Designs and Trend Lab hooded towels for the infant stage. Once LO is bigger we will switch to using our towels.

    The reviews on the hooded towels we went with are both pretty high. The trend lab ones can be purchased from Amazon fairly inexpensively. The Swaddlebee Design ones are a bit pricey. My DH found them at BBB and bought 2, both marked 12.99. When I went back to get two more they were 29.99...It turns out the 2 DH purchased were tagged as Washclothes...

    My friends swear by the Pottery Barn Kids hood towels, but I really cannot justify spending that much on a towel.

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  • I'm going to be making our baby a hooded bath towel using this websites tutorial. http://www.prudentbaby.com/2009/10/diy-hooded-baby-towel-part-2.html

    It seems like you probably don't have to be too crafty to do it. Just need a sewing machine!


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  • Favorites washcloths are from Carter's. 

    Hooded towel:  Ralph Lauren Baby

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  • Hooded towels and washcloths-Carters. We got a hooded monogram towel as a gift for DS from a boutique that is really large. Not quite the size of an adult plush towel, but big. You could always check the baby boutiques if you really want large ones. But DS is over 25 inches long and the hooded Carters towels fit him fine.I like the hood for extra warmth. 

    We have 5 hooded towels and probably about 40 washcloths (all gifts). I would have at least 3 if you plan on bathing every night and only want to wash every 3 days (plan for LO to poop or pee on the towel each night just in case). Also, we got the thin gerber washcloths as gifts too. We use those to pat DS's bottom dry after using baby wipes (he'll get rashy if we put A&D on his bare bottom. 

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