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Who sells preggie pops?

So I have random bouts of nausea, and dry heaving in the morning. So where do I find these preggie pops?
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Re: Who sells preggie pops?

  • Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby...
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  • I got mine at motherhood maternity. I've only had to use them once yesterday morning and I think it did help a bit. Good luck and I hope you feel better!
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  • I was told some Walgreens and King Soopers/Kroger but they didn't have them at my local store.
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  • As an alternate I found Seabands Gum- it's like 4 times powerful full of ginger, and they are small. They really do seem to help and it's inconspicuous at work- except for the leftover ginger breath! I found mine at CVS next to Seabands. I had to ask where they were, maybe by the indigestion stuff?
  • Whole Foods has them, as well as Babies R Us.  I also recommend Ginger Chews from the company Ginger People.  You may also want to look into Sea Bands.  I'm doing all 3 right now and except for right after dinner, which is like the witching hour for me, it has been smooth sailing.
  • Amazon.com sells them as well!
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  • Preggie pops have no magic ingredient. They are basically just semi-sour candy. You'd probably get the same effect by eating a sour lollypop or sour patch kids. 


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