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Anyone delivered @ Brigham's?

I'm due next month in May and recently one of my friend got admitted to Brigham's and was in active labor during the process. She did not have valet parking instead was told she had to pay $60 for a few day, and waited over half hour for a room. When I took a tour there, I was told there's always a room, and the brochure Brigham sent me told me there will be valet parking once we get there. Not sure if we had some miscommunication but was hoping to hear from someone who recently delivered there can tell me about their parking situation, rooms, and experience. Especially if you had natural birth, which I'm really hoping for....

Re: Anyone delivered @ Brigham's?

  • I am delivering there in July and also had the tour. There is always Valet(right next to ER). If you put your car in the parking garage on Francis St. I could see it adding up to $60, as all Boston parking is super expensive. Not sure the maximum time and money on Valet. I have never heard of that situation with the rooms. I would just call and double check with them about what happens in the event the hospital is unusually busy. I have only heard great experiences from all my friends/colleagues who have delivered there. I wouldn't panic, maybe your friend just had an unusual bad experience.
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  • the valet parking is actually the cheapest way to go if you're planning on staying for an extended period of time and like pp said, it's boston.  parking is always expensive.

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  • I did in Jan. I had a planned C-section. We pulled up for valet, but they were really busy and there was a little wait. We were arriving just in time, so I just got out of the car, said I was having a baby and we got right in. I am an ICU nurse at another hospital, so I know the care to expect. 

    Brigham was fantastic. I had no issues, the care was excellent. They are all private rooms and bathrooms with showers. You call to order your meals, but they will only give you one entree (so if DH stays with you, he'll probably need to go down to Au bon pain or the cafeteria for more food for him).  They answer your call light promptly, are right on top of your pain meds and offer it to you even if you forget to ask. They are pro-BF and will help you. At one point I had 4 hands on my boob-none of them mine-haha.  I cannot say enough positive things about the nurses there.

    Parking in the garage is expensive, valet is the cheapest, but I still think it is around $20 a day. I'm not sure if Brigham offers this, but at the hospital I work at, if parking will be a financial hardship, you can ask them if the social worker can help you with parking stickers or something. But again, I'm not sure if Brigham does it. GL. 

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  • I was born there and so were my sister and brother my mother says it was a really good hospital to have babies..I had my son in FEB at Brockton Hospital and they weren't bad at all I was very happy with them!
  • There's always valet parking.

    I delivered DD there and had a very positive experience.  I had a scheduled c-section and it went smoothly.  I liked the majority of nurses, except maybe one, and thought the food was really good too.

  • I delivered my son there. We did do the valet parking and what bothered me is that the valet parking lot is like down the street somewhere so we couldn't run back to the car to get the camera. I had to wait about 20 min (felt like an eternity) for a triage bed in L&D and was about to kill someone because I was in pretty active labor ( 2min apart contractions). Once I was hooked up they moved me pretty quickly to a birthing room though. The recovery rooms are nice and the food is pretty good as well. I loved my nurse. She gave us so much free stuff and the waiting room is nice as well for family members.
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