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doula in north central mass?

Anyone know of any that they can recommend? Ideally, she would also be knowledgeable in breastfeeding.  Thanks!
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Re: doula in north central mass?


    this is a website for a girl on another board i'm on.  she's very knowlagable about birthing and breastfeeding.  here is a list of other sites you can search for doulas. good luck!


  • You could check at Mothers and Co. in West Boylston.  I know they offer a lot of information.  There is actually a nurse who subs at the school I teach at in Fitchburg when not working L&D at Emerson.  I wish I had her info, b/c she has mentioned being a doula before.  I used to work with another lady who lives in Groton who was a doula at the time...if you come across her name (Kate Murphy) she is a wonderful person and I know she had many clients so she has a lot of experience.

    Good Luck!

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