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Budgeting for a full time nanny / possible live in

Hi there - This is our first pregnancy and we are trying to do some budgeting! Does anyone have any experience with full time nanny vs live in? I think we will probably go one of those two routes instead of day care, but really do not know the costs. Thanks!
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Re: Budgeting for a full time nanny / possible live in

  • My former boss had twins and hired a full time nanny.  They went through a service and when all was said and done with paying healthcare insurance, etc. for their nanny they were spending $40K per year. I am not sure how live-in help would compare or if there were would be a major difference for 1 vs. 2 children.
  • Full time live out nannies make between $15-20 per hour, depending on their experience, responsibilities, etc. Live in nannies make between $10-15 per hour because their room and board is paid for. Hope that helps!

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