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where did you buy running/workout clothes?

I've always worn dri-fit type tops and capris when I work out.  So far, I've been able to wear my pre-pregnancy capris and went up a size in my tops.  A month later, everything is starting to get too tight around the belly.  I don't want to just go up in size again (tops would be way too loose up top), but I can't find any maternity clothes that are dri-fit.  I'm not big on cotton or cotton/spandex which will show my rather embarrassing sweat marks.

Has anyone seen dri-fit type maternity clothes?  If not, any suggestions for alternatives?

Re: where did you buy running/workout clothes?

  • I bought tops from www.fitmaternity.com; the tops are nice and breathable but a bit $$.  I work out ~6 days a wk so bought 3 tops and just wear them 3 days in a row before washing them.  As for capris, I'm still able to wear PP capris that I bought from Target and Costco.  Hoping i can wear them after I lose the baby weight and that they won't be stretched out.  So far they don't look stretched out.  Oh, I also bought the tops at ~16 wks and I'm now 30(although measuring ~5 wks ahead).  I bought them in the size I was PP and they are working out well.  I really like them! The website also has pants but I didn't want to spend that much money on stuff I won't wear again.

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  • I usually wear Lululemon and didn't want to stretch out my nice workout clothes, so I bought Old Navy (non-maternity) workout pants and corresponding tanks in a medium.  I am at 30 weeks and they are just fine.
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  • The Gap has a limited selection, but they are very good quality!  I anticipate being able to wear the tops and bottom post pregnancy as well.
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  • I wear my husband's shirts! If I'm working out in the house (spin bike or eliptical) I just wear his workout shorts too. For workouts where people may actually see me I sized up in Nike capris. Some are softer than others and are not at all cutting into my basketball sized belly. They also don't look like they stretched alot so I think I'll probably even get some use out of them after I am back to 'normal'..they will just be a little big.
  • I had some luck with Fit Maternity and also directly from Born Fit (one of the brands they carry)- watch the return policy for Fit Maternity though- I often like to order a bunch of stuff and send back anything that isn't perfect (they only grant store credit so I only ordered things I really thought I'd keep).

    Sadly I'm not running anymore (my abdominal wall muscles just couldn't handle it after about 24 weeks).

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