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Which is better when you are trying to start a family?

Prime or standard? I've heard with the standard you really dont end up paying that much in the long run when it comes to prenatal and labor/delivery. What do you ladies think after having been through it??? 

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Re: Insurance

  • I have Standard. Normal maternity cost are covered 100% by both. I had extra blood work due to a thyroid condition and I had extra ultrasounds because DD was breech. I paid $30 (estimate) total for the extra stuff. I would get little bills for $3 or $4 the biggest one was $8, I think. I delivered via c-section at the hospital of my choosing with my doctor. The bill was over $17,000 and it cost us $63. Getting to pick my doctor and hospital is well worth the $93 that having Standard cost me.

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  • i have prime and I love it. I got to pick my hospital and doctors but I am in a small military area and always have been. I am on prime because i have a lot of health problems and see a ton of specialists and it would start adding up if I had to pay a co pay and a deductible. Maternity care is all covered under standard but if you have other health issues (not maternity related) they arent completely covered but a nice percentage is. If I was in a big military area where I would have to be seen at a military facility I would probably not be on prime. I like being able to pick my doctors and go to the best ones and not see military doctors :)

    Married 11/27/09 and TTC right away
    Dx: Complete septate uterus with cervical duplication, endometrial polyps, PCOS, endometriosis, hypo thyroid, luteal phase defect
    4 uterus surgeries to correct my complete septum and to remove polyps and 2 years of seeing the RE, medicated cycles and IUIs
    Baby 1 and 2: BFP 3/3/11 with 2 babies EDD 11/1/11, M/C 4/6/11
    Baby #3: 8/11 pregnant EDD 4/27/11 and m/c:(
    Baby #4: 10/12/11 BFP! EDD 6/16/12m/c 10/26/11
    Baby #5: 3/13/12 BFP! EDD 11/25/12 ANOTHER m/c :(

    Baby #6: 2/14/13- BFP! EDD 10/24/13, CP 2/19/13
    Baby #7: 3/15/13- BFP! EDD 11/27/13, another CP
    Baby #8.  BFP 5/19/13 EDD 1/22/14. 8 was not our lucky number

    4th septum resection on 5/31/13.
    Baby #9: 6/29/13 BFP. C section scheduled for March 5th!

    My miracle baby was born March 5 at 9:33am. He was 8 lbs 12.5 oz and 21.25 inches long!


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  • If you live near an MTF that offers OB care, go with Standard. In my experience, MTF are substandard and do not follow recommended guidelines that their civilian counterparts would follow. Vie had very negative experiences with MTF, and I would recommend everyone to switch to Standard.
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  • I had to swtich to standard because the closest military base with an OB was 2 hours away.  So far i havent had a copay or anything with standard- There were a lot more doctors in my area who took standard then i thought there would be so i had a lot of doctirs to choose from, and the one im with is awesome so far ( considering i just switched to her last month)
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  • I have Prime, and I love it.  Absolutely everything has been covered.  I've never had Standard, so I can't judge there, but I definitely recommend Prime.
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