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Question for those who used wondfo hpt tests...

So I got a bunch of IC wondfo...with the blue handle. I took one at 11 DPO and nothing...BFN. I took it again at 12 DPO and it was so faint I had to really look. Took it again 13 DPO and it was still super faint but could see it better...then again took it today (yeah I am waiting for it to turn dark) and it was darker then 12 DPO but lighter then 13 DPO...

Has this happened to anyone? I am so confused why it is not dark and why it is lighter today then yesterday. I took the early result EPT digi and it said positive on both 12 DPO and 13 DPO...

But why won't the wondfo get darker??? 

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Re: Question for those who used wondfo hpt tests...

  • mine was super dark right away, but I waited until 18dpo. I've also had a few damaged wondfo tests. maybe you have a bad batch?
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  • It really depends on how concentrated your urine is.  I used wondfo and took them over and over and sometimes it would be a little bit lighter than the previous one because my urine wasn't as concentrated. Even FMU can vary in concentration. Congrats!!
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  • First response was super faint. I asked my husband if I was hallucinating and second line. Dollar store was BFN. Clear blue easy digital will give you the direct answer. Target brand was the darkest line for me. I felt like the women from knocked up taking all these test to see if it was really a positive! But a line is a line!
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  • I dint use the Wondfo hpt's but my FRER were that way too. 10 DPO I got a faint seocnd line, 11DPO same thing but a 'Pregnant" on a digi, then 14DPO the FRER's were still faint but another "Pregnant" digi.  For some reason the FRER's never got dark for me, not sure.
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  • I didn't even get a (very) faint line on the wondfo strip until 3 days after my BFP on FRER
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  • Yeah I found the dye varies on those quite a bit. Go get a digital then stop peeing on things, you'll drive yourself crazy.
  • Hmm...I did, but mine have a pink handle.  My test at 10 and 11 dpo was faint.  It got a smidge darker at 12 dpo and was even darker at 13 dpo.  It lit up like a Christmas tree starting at 15 dpo, though, which was nice.  At 19 dpo, the test line was darker than the control line.
  • hey lady, think I missed your BFP, congrats!


    Stop peeing on things, the darkness of the line is not an indication of how pregnant you are.  FWIW, I took a $ store hpt at 15DPO  the line was pretty dark, at 16DPO with a digital and another $ store hpt and the line was lighter, but the digi popped up pregnant right away.  

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  • I had the ones with the pink handle. However, the faint line progressively got darker. Basically, I got faint faint lines on 8,9,10, and 11 DPO but dark line on 12 and 13.
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  • Becca,

    Im so glad you asked this! I tested on a wondfo again today just you know for good measure, and it was lighter than yesterday. I'm trying to read into this, but i did find it odd as well.

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  • How dark the line is doesn't indicate how pregnant you are. The color is dependant on the dye in the test.


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  • I use the wondfo Pink handles. For the most part they seem to be getting darker over a period of time. But Ive had one or two with a little less dye in them so they appear to be lighter. However Ill say that it takes about 4 days to see much change in the colors from the test four days prior. Very VERY small changes. So I wouldnt worry about that. Take another tomorrow if it makes you feel better.

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  • Hey Becca! I took the wondfo tests as well. I did have different results and I went from faint to barely there back to faint between 9 and 11 DPO. Then at 12 DPO it was noticeably darker. In my case every few days it darkened up and if I the urine I used wasn't concentrated enough I had weird results. By 15 DPO I had a pretty dark line so that helped put me at ease. Take them every day if you must (I sure did!) but don't be alarmed if it takes a few days to see a noticeable difference. HTH!

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  • Wondfo One-Step aren't as sensitive as others, so maybe that is part of the reason?

    I tested at 9DPO: neg
    10DPO: light pos on 3/3 tests
    11 DPO: light pos (perhaps slightly darker) on 1/1 test 

    I hope it gets darker tomorrow.  We'll just both have to wait and see. 

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