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PCSing/changing OBs?

I know, I know, I should just call Tricare...but I'm lazy, and figured it'd be much easier to just ask here first.

We're PCSing next month, so I obviously need to line up a new OB. I'm currently seen at a civilian practice because there isn't a military hospital nearby, and will be in the same situation at our new duty station. So what's my first step -- contact Tricare to choose an OB, or contact the new OB to make sure they'll accept me as a patient, and then inform Tricare?

Tricare hasn't been on my good side lately, so the less I have to deal with them, the better.


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Re: PCSing/changing OBs?

  • We PCS'd from West to East coast literally 4 days ago. I was seeing an OB at an MTF/on base with TriWest, but now we are at a reserve base and there's no MTF what so ever. I had to get a referral from a PCM here in order to get assigned an OB. Make sure you bring all your medical records!

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  • I have Standard. I picked an OB from the network and made an appt. I never had to talk to Tricare at all.
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  • Go to tricare.com and find their list of providers for your new area and then call the providers you are interested in to set up interviews for when you move.
  • Per instructions given by Tricare, I went to my new PCM once we moved, but they took FOREVER to submit my referral so I called Tricare and told them who I wanted to go to.  Once Tricare approved it I called the new OB and asked their policy for requesting records and took care of that accordingly.  The new OB wouldn't fully accept me as a patient until they had the time to review my records.  The frustrating thing for me was that we knew we were moving a few wks in advance but Tricare wouldn't really help me until we actually had an address to move to.  Good luck!  I hope it goes smoothly for you!
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