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Jill... you around?

I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing!  Only a couple more weeks right?:)  
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Re: Jill... you around?

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    Hey!! I haven't been around in a while - sorry I missed you! Thanks for checking in. I've had some issues with my blood pressure so I've been on modified bed rest for the past two weeks.  Now it's just a waiting game - a week and a half until my due date! :)

    How are you doing?? I hope you're feeling good and the little one is growing well! :)

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    Hey!  So glad you saw this:)  I've missed you!  I'm so sorry to hear about the BP issues but you're right... you're so close!:)  I can't wait to see pictures and find out what you're having!


    I'm doing well.  Have some nausea but the cure is to eat something so I'm happy about that:)  I have my next OB appt on Tuesday and then I'm outing myself :)  I'm hoping to hear the HB again on the doppler at that appt.  


    And hi papps!:)  So glad to be over here with you:) 

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