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If you got bfp on IUI cycle come in please...

what cycle day were you and how many days past IUI?

Were you testing in the days before that?


Thanks so much!

Re: If you got bfp on IUI cycle come in please...

  • I dont remember what cycle day I was (but with DS1 I didnt trigger until about CD19 and with DS2 I think it was CD22, I was a slow responder to stims). But both times I got a BFP it was 10dpiui (and my IUI was 36 hours after trigger).

    Good luck!

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  • CMM05CMM05 member

    Our first IUI gave us DS1. I believe we did our B2B IUI's on CD13 and 14.

    I got my BFP on 12dpiui. I was not testing before that, so I don't know if I would have gotten one sooner.



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  • For my DS I was 11dpiui when I tested.
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  • I got a VERY faint BFP on 11dpiui (like take apart the test and look at it in direct sunlight).  Got a + on a digital on 12 dpiui.  Good luck!
    TTC #1: IUI #2 = BFP , Betas 550 (16 dpiui), 1523 (18 dpiui)
    Hypothyroid, LPD, FSH 13.0, TTC 2 yrs B4 BFP

    TTC #2: FSH 23, AMA, IUI 1, 2, 3 = BFN, IVF #1 = MC
    IVF #2 = BFP - Betas 194 (14dp2dt), 366 (16 dp2dt), 841 (18 dp2dt)
    (vanished twin ~7 weeks)
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  • alhalalhal member
    I got my BFP on 12dpiui.  I did not test before that. HTH!

    9/2010: First visit to RE = CD3 b/w (normal); CD7 ultrasound (normal); DH's SA (normal but morph wasn't analyzed, so doc ordered a 2nd SA); Prog. supplements starting 3dpo for all future cycles
    10/2010: SHG to check tubes (normal!) & DH's 2nd SA (normal)
    2/2011: Start first Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI cycle = BFN
    3/2011: IUI # 2 (Clomid + 50iu Follistim + Estradiol + IUI) = BFP!!!
    Beta #1 (14 dpo)= 161
    Beta #2 (17 dpo)= 518
    Beta #3 (24 dpo)= 7,728
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  • Both time didn't get a BFP until 13dpiui and it was barely visible. BFN in the days before.
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  • Our IUI was on CD13 and I tested on CD24 at night with a FRER (first test).
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  • I tested 13 and 14dpo and got BFN on home tests. 14dpo/piui it was a + beta (54)! 15dpiui at home I got a faint line at home. One that DH had to hold up to the light to see. Good luck!
  • I tested 14 dpiui and it was a very dark positive. Good luck!
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  •  On my successful cycle I went in for my beta at 15dpiui. I did not test before hand because I was so sure that it was going to be negative. The cycle before I started testing at 12dpiui clear up until beta day (again at 15dpiui) even though I knew it was negative.
    IUI # 1 on 1/19, Beta 2/1 = BFN, Hysteroscopy on 2/15= 5 polyps removed, and cervix cleared, IUI #2 on 4/15 = BFP, Beta#1 on 4/30 @ 15 dpiui= 279, Beta #2 on 5/9 @24dpiui = 10,154, U/S on 8/5 = TWO GIRLS! Born 10/16 at 28 weeks. Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • BFP's on 13dpiui with both pregnancies.
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  • IUI with injectables - BFN at 11dpiui - ghostly faint BFP at 12dpiui.  Good luck!

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  • With Kevin I had a BFN on pee stick at 15 DPO, positive (low) beta that same day.  Good luck.

  • 12dpiui I got my BFP! I didn not test before that.


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  • With DS, I had B2b IUI's and tested @ 11/10dpiui from and I got a faint positive. My beta was @ 14dpiui.
    TTC #1 May/June 2008
    CP 7.19.08
    Dx with PCOS 3.27.09
    HSG 7.15.09 = All clear
    8.09 & 9.09(re-try) IUI #1/2 - Clomid 100mg Follistim 150iu Ovidrel=cancelled due to cysts
    10.09 IUI #1/2 - Clomid 100mg Follistim 150iu Ovidrel Crinone 8%=BFP!
    22mm Follie / 60mil & 48mil post wash counts Beta #1 (14dpiui)= 102 Beta #2 (18dpiui)= 714 12.3.09 HB 135bpm

    Our baby boy was born on 7.8.10 @ 38 weeks 2 days! 2:17pm 6lbs 8oz 20" long
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    HSG 2.2013 - IUI 1/2, 3/4 = BFN - Took 4 month forced break
    IUI 5/6 Clomid 150mg Follistim 150iu Ovidrel ( 11 & 15 mil post wash counts) = 2ww
  • I did not test before my beta, which I got at 13 DPO. I was sure it would be a BFN. Had no symptoms at all. Beta was 106. I tested at home after I got the call and got a very faint line on an HPT.

    Good luck!

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