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cerclage in, but cervix is still shortening

anybody else having problems even after having a cerclage placed?  i'm 26 weeks and had an emergency cerclage at 20 weeks (cervix was 1.8mm).  my cervix went back up to 3.2 mm after two weeks, but then down to 3 mm two weeks later, and now it's down to 2.7 mm yet another two weeks later.  i've been on modified bed rest since it was placed (i can get up to go to the restroom, fix a quick meal, take quick shower with stool, drive myself to appts). my doctors said they will put me on steroids once my cervix is down to 2 mm to mature baby's lungs, etc. since i will probably go into preterm labor at that point, but they aren't doing anything more to prevent it.  what are your doctors doing to prevent preterm labor?
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Re: cerclage in, but cervix is still shortening

  • I'm sorry that you are in this situation.  The good news is it does seem like your cerclage is helping.  Every week inside is amazing and you're doing really great.

    With my first pregnancy, I didn't have any warning, but my water was bulging and I was 1 cm dilated at 24w2d.  They said I would deliver in 1-2 days.  I got the steroid shot for the baby's lungs.  I was on strict hospital bedrest and basically afraid to move and not allowed to sit up aside from eating.  I was laying trendelenburg, on magnesium sulfate, and indocin for 2.5 rounds.  By some miracle I didn't deliver until 26w2d and my son is 2 years old now and doing very well despite a few fairly minor delays.  

    With this pregnancy, since I had prior warning, I have a transabdominal cerclage (TAC) installed before I got pregnant.  Throughout my pregnancy I have had several biweekly ultrasounds to check cervical length and have been on P17 shots weekly.  I am 31 weeks now!

    I don't know if that helps at all.  T&P for many more weeks.  Hang in there!!!



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  • I have the stitch but it never got me up to 3.

    I had it put in at 20 weeks when I was at 1.7. It went up to around 2.3 and stayed there till my 28w check when it went down to a 2.

    I go on Wednesday for another check. They don't seem concerned because it can shorten from the weight of the baby around 28 weeks and a 2 isnt horrible, expecially at 32 weeks...

    Right now your measurement isnt bad at 2.7. Mine has never been that long....well at 19 weeks it was actually at a 3 and wen't down to the 1.7 from 19w-20w , when I finally got the stitch...I would just keep up with the bed rest and hope it stays there  instead of continuing to shorten. How often do they check?

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  • Sorry the cervix continues to shorten....try (ha!ha!) not to worry.  But a 2.0 does not mean preterm labor is definite.  With #2, I was below a 2 at 24w and all they did was bedrest and she wasn't born until 35w5d.    This time, at 28w I was down to 2.0cm at 28w.  I was taken out of work and put on modified activity....and that's it.  34w yesterday.  Rest when can!!  Good luck!!
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  • CMM05CMM05 member

    It is so interesting to see how different all doctor's opinions are!

    At 20 weeks, both my OB's and MFM said anything around 2.5 was "normal." I do not think you have a lot to worry about right now. A measurement of 2.7 is really good for where you are at.

    I do not have a cerclage and my cervix has been measuring between 1.9-2.2 since 22 weeks.

    I was told I could increase my activity last week at my 28 week appt (I have been on bedrest since 16.5 weeks when we got a measurement of 1.9)

    Also, I have never heard that once you hit 2, you will start pre-term labor.

    My measurements since discovering my shortened cervix have ranged from 1.9-2.9 (from 16.5 weeks to my last measurement at 27 weeks.......), I have never once had any major signs of PTL. I have BH contrax, but I have never been admitted to the hospital and I have no dilation or effacement.

    Just keep hydrated!

    I should also add that I have been on weekly p17 shots since 17 weeks.



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  • ok, so what are P17 shots? and what do magnesium sulfate and indocin do? 

    I get checked every two weeks.  i guess they are concerned because it has gotten shorter each time, from 3.2 to 2.7 in four weeks despite bed rest. i also got admitted two weeks ago for contractions which of course stopped once i was in triage.  but it is interesting to see how big the range in doctors' opinions are!  and it's reassuring to see how far some of you have made it!  thanks ladies! 

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  • yep!  my cervix has been all over the map since they discovered it shortening (with my cerclage in at 23weeks).  i had been a 3cm since.

    here's what it was doing:

    Jan. 4 - 23 weeks. week 1 bedrest - 1.8cm
    Jan. 11 - 24 weeks. week 2 bedrest - 2.5cm
    Jan. 18 - 25 weeks. week 3 bedrest - 3cm
    Jan. 25 - 26 weeks. week 4 bedrest - 3cm
    Feb. 1 - 27 weeks. week 5 bedrest - 1.3cm
    Feb. 8 - 28 weeks. week 6 bedrest - 1.5cm
    (hovered around 1.5 with strict bedrest until removal at 36 weeks)

    i was on p17 shots weekly since 16weeks - and she also added progesterone suppostitories daily since the shortening at 23 weeks.

    and now here i am "a success story".  my cerclage was removed at 36 weeks - and now i'm up and normal like a regular pregnant person!  woohooo!  baby is allowed to come at any time now!


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  • oh, so it went back UP a little bit after going down AND you made it past 36 weeks.  that's reassuring.  i just hope mine stops getting shorter.  what exactly are p17 shots?  i guess i should ask my doctors about that and the progesterone? 

    thanks!  hope you meet your little one soon!  :)

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