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I recently moved to NJ but I still work in NYC. I'm curious what other NYC companies offer for maternity leave. Mine is 12 weeks off but only 4 of them paid. What does everybody else get? Thanks!
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Re: Maternity Leave

  • I get 6 weeks off (paid) and can take another 6 weeks unpaid.  I have one friend that got 6 months off paid and another two that had 3 months off paid.  I work at a rather small firm, my friends worked at very large firms.
  • 6 paid/6 unpaid - working from home for the latter, paid 1/2 


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  • most places give you the 6-8 weeks paid and then you can take up to a total of 12 weeks unpaid bonding FMLA. Make sure your company has their own disability plan because NY state disability sucks and only pays $170 a week minus taxes. Most larger companies have better disability plans that pay a higher portion of your salary although some smaller companies are able to pay their employees their salary.


    (I do disability claims for a living at metlife insurance company so I know all the ins and outs)

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  • I only get paid for whatever vacation/sick time I have earned, right now that is 3 weeks, but hopefully by Oct it will be up to 4 weeks. The rest is unpaid. And up to 12 weeks FMLA guarantees continued insurance coverage, after that I have to pay for Cobra.
  • My company offers 12 weeks paid.
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