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looking for Menopur success stories

Starting Menopur injections next weekend.  This is our first round, and I am doing 1 vial per day for 5 days.  Anyone have any insight?  How did you respond to 1 vial, how many days did you stim, etc?


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Re: looking for Menopur success stories

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    I had a better response with menopur than I did with gonal-f. The first time I used menopur I think I stimmed somewhere around 16 days? I am obviously a slow responder, but the second time was quicker since we knew to start me off on a higher dose. Sorry I can't remember exact time frame, but if you are interested you could find those posts in my blog. GL!
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    I had no response to Clomid so my RE gave me Femara for 5 days and then Menopur for 6 days. I did 1 vial(75 IU) a day and had 2 follicles the first IUI, 3 the second.
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    Same dose as you for my first IVF.  We are expecting twins. Good luck to you!!

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    We used the generic form of Menopur, Lepori.  During our very 1st cycle (the 1st one we did 5 years ago to try to conceive our daughter)  my RE started me on 1 dose a day, but I was a seriously slow responder, so she kept increasing it until, by day 14-15 I was mixing 5 doses together.  That cycle didn't work, but we did the 2nd cycle with 5 doses a day and it worked! Our daughter's 4 1/2 years old.

     This time around, even though my RE wasn't sure she wanted us to go with Lepori/Menopur again, we did basically an identical cycle to the one that brought our daughter and now we're expecting twins!

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    I took 3 vials for about 16 days to get my BFP. This was my 4th Menopur cycle, but only the 2nd with mature follies, and therefore 2nd IUI also. It took a lot of tweeking to get my body to respond. I'm a plus sized girl, so they said that could be one reason why it took more. I went on BCP for 2 months during the holidays and that also seemed to help.
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