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l&d nurse's reputation!

Hey ladies! i lurk from time to time and have posted a few times.

I have had hyperemesis to the extreme throughout my entire pregnancy. I am a manager at ALDI so the demands of my job made me unable to work since the end of October. I have been hospitalized MULTIPLE times, and am currently measuring 2 weeks ahead, meaning LO is WAY big, and not showing many signs of coming any time soon, i guess!


this being my first time, AND having many complications (PICC line, home health nurse, zofran pump, bedrest for 20 weeks, etc)  I felt REALLY bad last week, and went to take my bp. my norm is 90/50 during this pregnancy, and read 153/80 consistantly for an hour... so I  decided to pack it up and go to l&d. I was having contractions, but nothing to time. they were definitely strong, and not going away, but all over the place. I got there, checked in. was left alone in my room for 30 MINUTES!!!!!!! Finally a sweet little lady came in and checked me after hooking me up to the monitors. I was "soft" but that was about it. My contractions were actually six minutes apart, pretty strong, and about 50sec to a minute long. So i thought "great, i am staying".  She took my bp and it was still around 150/80. she left us along and dh and i watched american idol :) :) :) lol

we thought, okay, we are about to have a baby.


two hours later, sweet little lady never came back. Instead, some monster lady with frizzy hair I had never seen before (as i said, i am pretty well aquainted with l&d) came in with discharge papers. I was like h,mmmm weird, ive been told NOTHING and i know that bp isnt too scary, but i feel like crap, and i dont know what is going on(ftm)

She looked me dead in the eye after handing over the papers and told me I could leave and said in the most dry, stern voice EVER! :" Please do NOT return to l&d until : your water breaks, you are bleeding for more than 30 minutes, or you can soak an entire pad within 30 minutes with fluid and/or blood, or your blood pressure is 170/100"

She was so insensitive, didn't know my situation, and was completely rude! it was like she was saying indirectly " i am so sick of you first time mothers coming in for every little scare" we didnt get to see her name tag, but WILL be on the lookout for her when we finally DO get to deliver (better be soon) and WILL be reporting her. Was wondering if any of you ladies had anytihng like this happen?

I worked in l&d for a VERY short time as an lvn at jps (SCARY) and thought that i had chose a hospital where I could actually have COMPASSION especially with this tough pregnancy!!!!


it was harris southwest (bryant irving) by the way!!!







Re: l&d nurse's reputation!

  • I am really sorry you had to deal with that.  Are you sure it was an L&D nurse, and not just someone they sent to discharge you?  Granted, I have only had one baby, and only went to L&D once before my LO was born, but I had a fantastic experience with all the L&D nurses (I was at Presby Plano).

    I guess everyone can have a bad day, but I really wish people would be a little more sensitive, especially to pregnant women.  Sorry again, I hope you do not encounter that woman again.

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    ... fantastic experience with all the L&D nurses (I was at Presby Plano).

    This. I spent way too much time at Presby Plano with pre-term labor and every single time the L&D nurses were amazing. I feel like I got a pretty good sampling of the nurses and would sing their praises over and over.

    I'm sorry you had a rough time. GL!


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  • Sorry you had to deal with a mean lady - when your emotions are high and you are feeling bad it always makes this worse.

    I didn't have anything like that happen because I didn't go in to labor - had a scheduled c-section but a couple of days afterwards I had a very bad experience with a nursery nurse.  S had lost some weight - totally normal but the nurses were freaking out about it and the doctor asked me to supplement with some formula until my milk came in.

    I didn't have a problem with it and did so.  Well this nurse came barging in the room and told me that S had to drink the ENTIRE bottle of formula ( um yeah her stomach at that wasn't even big enough to hold an entire bottle of formula) because she had changed her diaper and it was rusty and I was starving her by trying to breastfeed and S is just going to end up on the bottle anyway.

    Um, yeah - I got right back in her face and told her to get the heck outta my room and we contacted the lead nurse about it.  Who did take care of things and I never saw that nurse again for the rest of my stay.   

    Unfortunately people don't always think about how they come across and forget who they are talking to.  Hope you don't have to deal with her again!


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