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XP: I'm Coming Out... (first time poster)

Okay, okay... I guess I'll come out to the Bump world!

I am pregnant, and so excited!

Here's my story:

I dated Ryan for six and a half years (most of high school and most of college).  We broke up in March of 2010.  In the late fall, we tried to work things out.  I got pregnant on December 9th, and when I found out on January 11th, Ryan ran!

It hurt, and it was emotionally straining, but I had/have lots of support from friends and family.  Ryan has gotten a little bit better since then.  We aren't dating (actually he has a girlfriend), but we can talk without fighting and he wants to know the baby updates.

I will be graduating from college on May 14th with a degree in elementary education!  I work as a Title 1 tutor in McKinney, TX - and I love my job!

A little more about me - I am 23 years old.  I live in Plano, TX.

I will be 20 weeks tomorrow.  My EDD is Sept. 1, 2011!

I am super excited, and a little nervous!  I love reading all of your posts on here for support - and a lot of times I have the same questions!  I hope to become a regular poster on the board!  :)

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