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Suede cloth allergy/rash question

Can a suede cloth allergy develop after a while (like a year)?

DS is primarily in BG AIOs and has been for more than a year.  He got a wicked rash a few months ago - didn't look like yeast or anything else.  He also had some rash outside his diaper area (on his belly/legs) that the dr thought was probably heat rash/eczema (though it wasn't red at all for about the first two weeks - just bumpy).  Well, then he got a diaper rash and it was really wicked - he got water blisters on a couple occasions - really sad :(

So, we've had him in disposables for a little more than two weeks and he is completely healed.  I stripped the diapers, super soaked them in hot water, and did a wash with a little bleach and extra rinses - just to make sure there was no build up (or yeast, though I really don't think it was yeast at all).

I've been thinking about what different things could have caused it - he was eating a fair amount of citrus and mangoes, we had changed his bath soap... it could have been a few different things.  Then it occurred to me last night... wonder if it could be the suede cloth???  We have about half bg aios and half organic aios - he'd been sleeping in the OS pockets.

Any words of wisdom?  Thanks :)

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Re: Suede cloth allergy/rash question

  • It wasn't ammonia burn was it?
  • I've heard suedecloth allergies are very rare.  Do you think you could have some buildup on your diapers?  You could try stripping/soaking in RLR.  That is what I'm about to try!

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  • It wasn't ammonia burn and I don't think it was build-up... usually with those he just gets bright red kind of all over the diaper area (first thing in the morning, after wearing his night time diaper all night) - then I know it's time to strip.

    These were like water blisters :(  Pretty different than his "usual" rashes.

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  • NannaNanna member
    I'd put my money on the citrus and mangoes.  My kiddo gets HORRIBLE rashes (complete with sores and blisters) when he eats citrus.  And for some reason the CDs seem to exacerbate it.  It sometimes takes over a week for a rash from those foods to heal.  I would eliminate acidic foods from his diet for a while to see what happens.
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