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*Cute lunch check-in*

Come on, you know you want to make one! It doesn't take long, doesn't require any fancy tools, and your child will LOVE it, no matter how simple it is! Last week's post had over 500 views, so I know I'm not the only one interested in doing these! 

IMG_9453 smaller"A "muffin tin" lunch. (I started out doing these types of lunches for DD before switching to more bento style - the idea came from http://michellesjournalcorner.blogspot.com/). Star-shaped PBJs topped with grapes and cute little picks. Grapes, olives, and star-cut apples. In the red dish is a strawberry-banana smoothie, frozen in star-shaped ice cube trays. (I made a TON of these since I bought a huge container of strawberries from Costco and they started to get soft the following day.)

 IMG_9436 smaller

DD likes when there's a story to go along with her lunch so this was the "teddy bear birthday." She also likes to count how many bears there are. A "window" PBJ sandwich covered up green and red grapes, a pick of olives, Babybel cheese and a very delicious mango. (A few days later, all the extra mangoes were made into a mango lassi, which I froze just like the smoothies above. We're going to have some awesome popsicles this summer!)

IMG_9438 smaller

Bunny lunch using all our bunny picks and my new egg mold (didn't quite work - I only had extra large eggs, so I'll try it again with a smaller egg). Checkered apple, cheese, crackers and a few grapes. DD ate the apple and grapes and tried a few bites of egg, which made me happy.

IMG_9434 smallerLeftover rice and cashew curry chicken, some mango with a mini bear fork and the real winner - crazy grapes with picks spelling DD's name. She was *shocked* at the grapes and is still asking where on earth I found them. (I got the picks from allthingsforsale.com. Since her name obviously has two As, I bought two sets of picks. She completely loved this and I can't wait until she recognizes even more words to spell out things in her lunches.)

Have a great week everyone. We're going to be OOT so won't be making many lunches this week. Hopefully someone here will be inspired to make a cute lunch, snap a picture and upload it next week! 

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Re: *Cute lunch check-in*

  • So cute!  Great job :-) 
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  • Love the lunches!

    Dumb question:  how do you make the checkered apple? 

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    Very cute!

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