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Should Similac Sensitive smell like rotten milk?

I've been mixing the concentrated Similac Sensitive and keeping the pitcher in the fridge until we use it all by the end of the day. I've checked over and over to make sure I'm mixing it right (1:1), checked our bottles for dishwasher residue, etc. DD especially seems to turn her nose up at it a lot, especially as soon as it gets lukewarm or cold. This stuff just smells foul, more so then the Similac Advance or Goodstart. I'd taste it, but it all makes me gag anyway!

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Re: Should Similac Sensitive smell like rotten milk?

  • I've never smelled Similac before, but I always think our Enfamil Newborn smells sour too, even when it is freshly mixed.  I think it's just the smell of formula.
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  • I mean, it stinks.  We used to use that one -- it's not the best-smelling formula I've encountered - I think soy and our Enfamil AR are pretty mild, but there is one my friend uses (I think it's Nestle Good Start?) that smells exactly like fish oil capsules.  What you are smelling is probably just the normal smell.
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  • I agree with PP I think it is normal. Our formula smells too.
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