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Best Cribs for Short Parents??

DH and I are having a hard time deciding on nursery furniture.  We're both pretty short.  I'm 5'2" and he is 5'3".  We have a hard time reaching the far side of a lot of cribs, even when they are in their highest position.

When looking, it seemed like the Romina Nerva and Pali Mantova had the shortest reach.  I'm not really in love with either one of those.  In white, the Nerva looks very girly but I love the quality.  The Mantova just seems flimsy in comparison - mainly the dresser drawers.

I'm not a fan of the Baby Dream partial drop side either.

Are there other cribs out there that are good quality and good for short people?


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Re: Best Cribs for Short Parents??

  • I'm petite also - though DH is of average height.  We are ordering the Lollipop 3-1 crib from AP industries.  It is a bit shorter than the average crib but not so low that DH would be hurting himself to lift baby.  The other shorter crib we found was the Babyletto Mod but I wasn't crazy about the look of it.

    We looked at Baby Italia Eastside at BRU which was fairly short but it has high end caps so you don't have all-around access and it just felt to bulky.

  • I should note the other appeal of these was the mid-price range cost.  The Lollipop is made of solid birch so felt sturdy.  We have friends who have one and love it.
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  • Ikea Gulliver.  Or check out the Baby Mod line at Walmart.

  • I am 5 feet and we have ikea cribs for both of our kids. We had a graco Lauren (it was recalled) and I had a hard time reaching into it. Your best bet is a crib that is all one height all the way around.
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  • This was important to me as well (I'm 5' and a half inch tall.) I got a Babyletto Mod crib (bought it on Amazon) and I can reach into it without a problem (when the belly isn't getting in the way!) :-) 

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  • Did you look at the Pali Wendy?  We have the crib, the hutch/bookcase and the double dresser and it has been pretty sturdy thus far.  I am 5'2' and DS is on the lowest crib setting.  It hasn't been too bad picking him up/putting him down.

    We use the double dresser as a changing table and it seems just slightly too high for me.  Not enough to bother me though.

  • imagemairanellis:

    Ikea Gulliver.  Or check out the Baby Mod line at Walmart.

    We have the Baby Mod (I'm 5'5") and my sister (5'3") has the Ikea Gulliver so I ditto this recomendation.  We both really wanted clean, modern lines without paying big bucks so accessibility was only a secondary factor.

  • I'm under 5 feet, and we bought the Ikea Levsvik.  I love the style of it, and it seems pretty sturdy.  Without my belly getting in the way, I'll be able to comfortably get baby in and out.  It also adjusts to two levels depending on baby's size.

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  • DH and I have the opposite problem. We're only using a PNP but Im 5'7" and he's 6"4". The PNP is about the perfect height for our 6 year old! Oh well, we will jsut havet to bend over a little.




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  • Definitely look at the Ikea cribs- they're very very short friendly. I have the Baby Dream partial drop and love it but if we need a second crib we'll probably be looking into the Ikea one!

    My triplet nephews have three different standard height cribs and I've constantly had trouble getting them out of the crib once they moved to the lowest setting- especially if they were being difficult and sitting at the back laughing at my short reach... so it's been really important to me to find a crib that I won't have to negotiate with an 18 month old to retrieve them from. Ikea and Baby's Dream partial drop are the only two I've really felt comfortable with.

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  • We got the Gulliver from Ikea and it is pretty perfect for my 5'2'' stature. Also very reasonably priced!
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  • I'm 5'3" and we have the Da Vinci Jenny Lind Crib. I think the quality is great, and it is definitely affordable. We got ours from Albee Baby, so free shipping plus 10-15% off. We have it on the lowest mattress setting now and I don't have a problem getting the baby out.
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  • I'm 5'1, and we just bought our second Bonavita Peyton Lifestyle.  Even at almost 35 weeks pregnant, I can still lay my toddler down at night in the crib, and he's obviously on the lowest setting. 

    It's really not that much of an issue - I was very worried about this, but now that I've been in the situation in reality, it's not.  An infant will be at a high setting, then down one as they can roll, then all the way when they can sit.  The lower the crib mattress, the higher they can get!  I put my son to bed every night, I lay him down flat, and I tuck him in.   But when he wakes up in the morning, he's standing up for me. 




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