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LO is three months old today

I can't believe it! He's got such a little personality already, although it's a grumpy, irritable one, lol. He loves looking at his daddy and light fixtures, and he gets mad if we carry him around the house facing us - he likes to be facing out to see things..He isn't all that interested in toys like the play gym, or rattles, although he is patient with us when we play with them, but he is now happy to be bathed and loves hanging out in his swing. 

I can't believe that only three months ago I hadn't met him yet. I go back to work for two days next week, then three days the following week and then full time and I am both ready and not ready. I can only imagine that time will move even more quickly when I am balancing work along with mommyhood.


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Re: LO is three months old today

  • Good luck going back to work! It's not easy juggling everything, but I think you'll have an easier time because your DH will be home with LO. As much as I miss M during the day, I really appreciate being able to eat lunch in peace. :)
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  • Happy 3 Month Birthday!

    Doesn't it stink how fast it goes?

    On the work front, its fantastic you can ease in. I did not, but I still survived! Every progressive day got better and better. Good luck!

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  • Way to go, mama and 3 month old! Hope the return to work is smooth.
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