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Medela Freestyle and breast not emptying

Anyone else having this problem? I used to be able to pump about 5 oz from my right side and maybe 3 from my left. I only pump in the am if I'm engorged from overnight and then right before bed to give replace the nightly bottle given to LO and 2 days per week for the sitter. Now when I pump I'm only getting about 2 oz from my right and maybe 1 oz from my left. I'm beginning to freak out as my LO eats an 8 oz bottle at night and about 6 oz with the sitter. 

I tried replacing the breast shields, and it seemed to help a little bit, but the breast still feels very full after pumping and no more comes out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you! 

Re: Medela Freestyle and breast not emptying

  • I also have this pump and I used to get around 7 to 8 oz total with it and now I can't even get an ounce from both breasts combined. I know I have SOME milk b/c when I try to breastfeed, theres just milk all over the place and when I try manually it comes out...I wonder if its just the pump. And formula can be expensive..I've had to go to formula because I don't know if my pump wasn't working or I stopped making milk and it is so frustrating.

    I am thinking of buying a new one but don't know which one :/ 

  • For me it was one of the membranes was torn. I had no idea until milk was taking forrrever to come out. replaced the membranes and is good as gold!



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