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Any moms do RDO

RDO = Regular Day Off

I have the option to work 9 hour days with one regular day off each pay period (every two weeks).  I would love to have a 3-day weekend every other week to have time with C and time to run errands, clean house, etc.  However currently (or when I'm not on maternity leave), with my commute, my day is roughly 7:30am-6pm (hours might shift when I return to work, as in leave eariler, get home earlier).  I am afraid that adding the additional hour would really limit my time with C during the week.

Do any moms on here have this work schedule and what do you think of it having a longer day and a LO?  Is the 3-day weekend every other week worth it?

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Re: Any moms do RDO

  • what is your DH's schedule like?  my DH works that schedule and has off every other monday.  It is worth it to us but I am home with him all day, would your DH also be gone 12 hours every day or would you being gone longer mean DC will be at daycare longer or spending more time with DH, that would be a deciding factor for me.  If DC was to spend more time with DH, I would do it, if it were more time in daycare, I would not...


    good luck with whatever you decide 

  • DH also has a long commute, but our plan currently is for him to drop of in the AM and me to pick up in the PM, giving both of us some one-on-one time with C.  Our DCP has the hours of 7:30-5:30 so we need to work within that timeframe.
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  • I have that option but decided not to do it.  My commute is an hour one way, so I already have too little time with my kids during the week. I telecommute one day a week, which is nice, since that's one day I don't have to do my crappy commute.
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  • I do that now and love it. To be honest, though, I'm not sure I would have done it last year. For one, I wasn't getting a solid night's sleep like I am now, which is the only reason I'm able to get up early enough to get in a 7am. For another, the extra hour probably would have meant missing a nursing session somewhere along the line and more pumping.

    That being said, it works out wonderfully for us now (except I have to get up at the crack of dawn - that's really the biggest sacrifice). DH does all the morning stuff and drop offs and I do most of the pick ups. My day off is wonderful. 

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  • Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious - my work hours are 7-4:30 (I'm out of the house 6:15-5:15). So, I miss the mornings with C completely but have all evening. Now that he's bigger and not nursing, I'm not missing much in the AM anyway - he gets milk, he gets dressed and they're out the door.
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  • I'd love it if I could do it now... but, doesn't work out with our household schedule, and with the hours my office keeps.  :(  It's more of a "late" office.

    Oh well.  Maybe eventually I can convince the boss to let me telecommute one day every couple of weeks.  That won't help me see LO any more than I do now, but, it will help me get caught up on laundry, and allow me to go out to lunch with some SAHM's once in a while. 

  • DH and I both gave up our RDO once Baby Handy came along because the evenings were going to be too busy. Also, because we were paying for DC regardless of whether he was there.

    I still miss it and I might start doing it again when he gets older, but for right now, I need my time in the evening.


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  • I asked this same question when I was pregnant and got great responses from the board. I was actually doing the RDO schedule at the time, but once J was born and I went back to work I stopped. Like you said, at this point work takes up so much of your day. To me - and as others pointed out - I would rather have an extra hour each day with J than one whole day every few weeks. I think he appreciates that time, and honestly I think the day off would end up being used to run errands and not really be "quality" time.

    I did change my hours, so that I work 8-4:30. That gives me a good 1-1.5 hours with him in the morning, time to go the gym at night, and then another 1-1.5 hours at night before he's asleep. 

    Like others pointed out, we would be paying for daycare regardless of whether he's there or not (they don't do part-time). I do telework one day a week, which is nice because I spend more one-on-one time with him - rather than rushing around trying to get ready.

    Once he gets a little older, this all might change (although by then we might be TTC #2 so who knows). 

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  • imagetomandcourt:
    I think he appreciates that time, and honestly I think the day off would end up being used to run errands and not really be "quality" time.

    Maybe this is flameful, but I very often send C to DCP on my days off. I generally use that time for running all of our errands, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry etc. But, that also means that our weekends are 100% quality time and we don't have to tote him around from errand to errand. Sometimes we schedule playdates on my day off and when the weather is nicer I hope to use the day to do more fun stuff with him, but lately it's been a blessing to take care of menial tasks and save the weekends for the good stuff.

    Honestly, I love it. Mornings with C are such a rush to get out the door, that I don't feel like I'm missing any quality time there (on my Fridays off I get him ready for DH and he's literally awake for 15 minutes before they leave).

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  • I'm coming out from lurking to respond, hope you don't mind.

    I'm on a compressed work schedule.  I'm off every other Friday, work 8 hours the Friday I'm not off and 9 hours the other days.  I love it.  But I also send DS to daycare the Friday I'm off to get errands done but pick him up earlier than normal and then we have the whole weekend.

    I've been workind a compressed schedule since before DS came along so the only real adjustment was the lack of sleep that came with getting up at 330 and working 9 hours.  I work 6-330 so we still have a good part of the day left when I pick DS up at about 430.  It works for us because Hubz doesn't have to be to work until 9ish so he gets one-on-on time in the morning and I get it in the evening.

     Now that I've written a book....Could you just try the compressed schedule and see how it works for you?

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