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How about your nausea?

I actually have never gotten sick(knocks very hard on wood) but I do have a great deal of nausea. I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow and was hoping it would subside by now...anyone else around 13 weeks or more and still nauseous? Or has nausea past this time?
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Re: How about your nausea?

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    It subsided for me somewhere around 13-15 weeks, I think.  My 12th week was actually my worst, I was seeing spots and reeling all week!!!!

      I think a lot of gals on the board have experienced nausea a lot longer.  I hope yours makes a rapid departure!!!

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    I have been feeling ok for past week the BAM!!! 2days ago it hit me all over again! I hope it starts to go away soon, it's gross. I have not vomited ::knock on wood:: My OB actually suggested tums??!! She said it helps sometime. Hope you feel better.
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    I'm counting down the days until this nausea ends. It's 24 hours a day. I have a bucket in my car, next to my bed and next to the couch. I told my husband that I want off the boat, I feel so seasick. Feel better!
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    I might not be the best person to ask... your not going to like my answer.  I had nausea up until about 25 weeks.  Then I got a break from it until last week (32w).  Have you asked your OB for anti-nausea meds?  They have been a life saver for me!  I hope you are feeling better soon and that it doesn't come back for you in the 3rd tri.
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    Mine subsided around 20w, but I didn't have much of the nausea, so much as the throwing up at all hours of the day (although the morning was usually the worst). 

    My MFM told me that everyone thinks the magic time for it to stop is after the 1st trimester, but for some people it lasts through week 14, week 16, week 18, week 20, etc.  You might just be one of the lucky ones, like me! 

    I hope you're starting to feel better soon!! 

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    My nausea was the worst from weeks 8-10 and decreased tremendously thereafter. I still don't have an appetite for very much, but at least the thought of food doesn't make me want to gag anymore!
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