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Manual Breast Pump- Medela vs. Lansinoh

I'll be home for 12 weeks to breastfeed so instead of buying an expensive electric pump, I am picking up a manual one. I've heard they are great for relieving excess milk in between feeding. I've narrowed my decision down to two pumps- the Medela Harmony Manual or the Lansinoh Manual. They both have really good ratings. Does anyone have experience with either of these pumps? Or pumps in general?

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Re: Manual Breast Pump- Medela vs. Lansinoh

  • Well, 3 yrs ago I used the Avent Isis (which I loved), but I think they don't make it anymore? I dunno.

    I've heard nuthin but great things about the Medela though.. and I heard they are compatible w/Dr Browns bottles, if you know you're using them. 

  • Neither...Avent Isis. I loved and continue to love mine. 

    It gets out a ton of milk, and although there is a learning curve (that little flower thing in the middle flips itself now and again) the softcup and massagey bubble thingies are just awesome. I was able to get way more milk quicker than with my PISA, but obviously used it only in a pinch since you can only do one side at a time. 

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  • I went with the Medela Harmony because when I was asking around that is the one I heard the most positive feedback on.  I haven't used it yet though, so I'm not much help.  And we have a crap ton of Dr. Brown's bottles so if LO likes them it will be nice that it's compatible.
  • I've heard equally good things about the Avent Isis and the Medela Harmony.  We got the Medela only because I will be getting a Medela full electric pump and the bottles are compatible (so I'll have more to pump into) and they don't sell the Avent in stores here.  It was just easier.

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  • image toddandjulie:
    I've heard equally good things about the Avent Isis and the Medela Harmony.  .

    This. I couldn't find the Isis, and was going for the Harmony.  

  • Well Medela offers a footstool to use

    with the pump you get from the hospital.

    though if you talk to your OB he can prescribe a electric pump for you.

    so that your insurance will pay for most of it.

    you can also get a free pump through wic.        

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