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How to announce pregnancy to coworkers?

Any suggestions or what you have either done in the past or will be doing to let everyone know at your work that you are pregnant. I work with all men and only one other woman, so I seems a bit awkward for me. I am 11w5days but trying to hold off as long as possible. What are your thoughts?

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Re: How to announce pregnancy to coworkers?

  • I'm not an extremely outgoing person and wasn't really comfortable telling people myself.  So last time, I just allowed one of my team members (who is a huge gossip) to spread the news.  She knew earlier than others, but waited until I gave her the go-ahead to tell everyone else.  Since she no longer works for the company, this time I think I'll just send an e-mail to the people in my department and let the news spread from there.

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  • I told the head honchos myself. I don't know if I'll say anything to coworkers. I don't really want to do a big announcement. However, my husband if the only man in his department. All his coworkers are pregnant or have had kids in the past 2 years. I'm having cookies made to announce the news there. I always send in treats, so he's going to send an email out that "fraglette sent in cookies, they're in the break room" and wait for the squealing.
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  • We have weekly staff meetings where we discuss planned upcoming vacations, so last time I told everyone that I would be taking a 3 month leave and why (told the boss ahead of time). Not sure what I'll do this time.
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  • Personally, I have just told my boss and let people figure it out from there.  I give people a heads up if a project we're discussing is going to be close to leave time, but other than that word spreads on it's own (and it'll be obvious soon enough). 


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  • I'll be 19 weeks the last day of school. I am hoping to hide it until then. We haven't even told family yet! 

    Then I will come back in the fall (august) with a big ole bump. Can't miss it then!

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  • today we had a manager meeting with 10 people.  I see these people very 4-5 months. but we arent telling until after the NT scan.  The girl sitting beside me announced her pregnancy and I wanted to add "me too" but I held it in. 

    I think I will just visit my husband one day for lunch with my visible bump so that his coworkers will know. 

    For my work, I will tell the 4 people that I work with every day and other people will figure it out.  but not for a few more weeks. 

  • I just told work today.  For some reason telling people makes me really anxious, not sure why, but it definitely get's my blood pumping.  Anyway, I just told my boss and my boss's boss then sent an email out to the rest of my coworkers letting them know.  I figured I could handle telling two people in person, but after that I wanted no more attention.  I did it at the end of the day so I could run out without too much hoopla.
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