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s/o fluid levels

What is a good fluid level range? I tried to google it, but it came back with values in mL and not along the lines of what I've seen people post on here. For example, it talked about 600 or 800 mL. They estimated my fluid level today at 10.7. What units is that in? Is that good?
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    I just asked about this at my u/s yesterday.  The 10.7 is in cm.  They measure 4 different pockets around the baby and the "normal" range is anywhere from 5-25 though some OB's are more conservative and prefer 8-20.  Either way, you're good!
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    I believe this is in cm...  They told me anything over 6 is good.  I think your 10.7 is perfect!!

    Our Baby B's fluid level was at a 5 last Monday.  She didn't give me a measurement for this week.  I need to call my OB"s office today to ask what the report from our MFM says.  Last week, it said "low to normal fluid level."  But, her tone and the next steps yesterday leave me to believe that it was lower yesterday than it was last week.

    Good Luck!!

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    Thank you, ladies! This is very helpful!

    September, I will be sending you lots of T&Ps for some good news on the fluid level front!

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