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Toddler Clinical Trial

We just enrolled DS in a clinical trial at the Retina Foundation.  The study is called  "The Effects of  Extended  Duration of  Long Chain Polyunsaturated 
Fatty Acids (LCP) Supplementation on Cognitive, Visual and 
Immunological Development in Toddlers".  
Basically you add a packet of sprinkles to their food twice a day and go in every few months for them to check them again.  The first visit took 2.5 hours and the worst thing they did was a heel prick.  They give you gift cards to cover food, gas, whatever.  We got $125 for the first visit and in total we'll get over $1000 for keeping him in the study.  Of course we're putting this in his college fund!
If you're interested, contact Yolanda Castane at [email protected] .  
You must have your first visit by 2 weeks after their 1st birthday and the trial is open to new participants until December (I think I can't remember exactly).  They need more participants! 

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