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UWS daycare???

HI All!

A plum here, due in Oct, and have to start researching day care for my newborn. (8 weeks of maternity leave) 

I am new to the area from California and would loooove your input. Heard of any daycare schools in the neighborhood, any reviews?

Greatly appreciated!

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Re: UWS daycare???

  • Going to use creche du monde for daycare. Haven't started yet, but have visited many times. They have a website, so you can get more info there
  • thank you so much! this place sounds lovely!  I will definitely check it out.

    greatly appreciated :)

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  • You may also want to consider a daycare close to where you work.  It's nice to have daycare close to home so you don't have to navigate the subway, etc.  However, when your child needs you occasionally in the middle of the day - they need supplies, get sick, you want to stop by to nurse or just visit... it can be difficult to travel too far from your office.  We live on the UWS, but selected Tutor Time on 6th Ave. which is closer to where we work.  We've been very pleased with our selection.  No one will be as perfect as mom and dad, but this place is exceptionally well run.  The website is tutortimeon6.com.  Not sure what your situation is, but I would advise you make a selection early.  You want to choose what you want, not scramble and take anything at the last minute just to have a spot.  We reserved at the end of the 1st trimester and had our choice of any daycare we wanted.

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