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Thankyou, Ive heard of him.  What hospital did you deliever at? did he come to check out the baby at the hospital?
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  • Hi! Sorry I don't check this board out too often. It moves pretty slow so I sometimes forget since there are new posts so infrequently. Hopefully you see this eventually Smile

    I delivered at St. Vincent's and yes he came to see my daughter the morning after she was born and also came to see us again the next day to discharge her from the hospital. Not sure if it's standard for him to come and see the parents twice or not, but DD was jaundiced so he came to speak to us about that. Because of the jaundice he wanted to see her again sooner rather than later so she was discharged on a Thursday and saw him again on Saturday.

    We love going to his office. We're always in and out and him and his assistant are both so pleasant.

  • Thank you so much, 2 of my friends also reccomended him so I made an appointment to met with him.  Hopefully I have found my pedi!!  thanks again
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