2nd Trimester

Can anyone update me on the bumpie....

Who used to frequent this board and was expecting a baby boy early due to a few issues, including fluid levels? I forgot her name but she had a really great blog that had elephants on it  (I think.)

I remember reading the baby could come at any time and that it was touch and go, that he would be very small. This was several weeks ago.

It hit me yesterday that I never knew what happened, but I wish the best for her! Anyone know?

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mmc and d&c at 8.5 weeks - 8/23/2010
natural m/c and d&c at 10 weeks - 1/24/2014
DX w/ hetero C677t and A1298C MTHFR - 3/4/2014

Re: Can anyone update me on the bumpie....

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